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The Cost of a
Spray-Net Franchise

We offer homeowners much more than just a paint job – we offer them a factory finish that prolongs the look of their exterior surfaces. Many Spray-Net customers come looking for painting services for surfaces that other painting businesses can’t fix. Other customers that come to Spray-Net aren’t initially looking for painting services, but as they observe the wear and tear of their brick, stucco, vinyl, and other surfaces, they begin to look into ways they can either restore or replace them. We offer customers a way to avoid future replacement services through patented processes, proprietary products, and a technological approach to quoting and scheduling jobs. The cost of our investment includes the technologies and training to implement all of these services. Here’s what an investment in a Spray-Net franchise looks like:

What Comes with My Investment?

Franchise Fee: The franchise fee provides you with exclusive rights to use the Spray-Net brand name and access to our products and technologies. This is due when you sign the franchise agreement.

Starter Kit: Includes business cards, marketing materials, and apparel for when you meet customers.

Training & Travel: Covers the travel and lodging during the first phase of your painting franchise training, which is held at our headquarters.

Equipment: This covers everything you need to complete jobs: spray guns, power tools, and even a mobile spray booth!

Accounting & Legal Fees: Starting your own exterior painting business is a huge step, so you should hire a lawyer and accountant to look through your contract and crunch the numbers.

Opening Marketing: We have created a strategic marketing plan for your grand opening to help generate leads and build brand awareness in your territory.

Is There Financing Available?


Don’t let the numbers stand in the way of your new career! We will work with you to find financing options. In fact, our business model and financial structure are pre-approved by major banks, which means you could get a business loan much easier than you would going it alone.

How much can I make?



*Only product and labor cost removed



* Our franchisees are multi unit franchisees who purchased a 2nd territory after their first year in business!



* Franchisees with over 2 seasons
** Includes multi-unit franchisees
*** Your results may differ. There is no assurance that you will sell as much.
See Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document for more informatio

Your financial results are not based on how many territories you own or how you structure your business; they are based on where you fall on the Learn, Optimize, Scale, and Apply trajectory.


Year 1 – Learn: Your first year is your learning year. Every new franchise owner experiences the learning curve as they find customers, hire a team and start doing jobs. We’re there to support you every step of the way.


Year 2 – Optimize: After the first year of learning the business, you and your team will be able to confidently put your knowledge to use. You’ll also benefit from referrals from your past jobs and have beautiful revamps to show potential customers.


Year 3 – Apply: By this point, you’ve built a team that recognizes the value of your product and service just as much as you do, and you’ll be able to take your territory by storm! At this point, you and your team are much more confident in your sales and on-site production.


Year 4 – Scale: You know the ins and outs of your business and operate like a pro! Depending on your franchise goals, you can scale your operations across multiple Spray-Net territories.

A Franchise Is Still a Business.


A franchise is a business with support, but it’s still a business. While our team is there to support you, your financial success is directly attributed to your own personal efforts. Our franchisees understand that there’s a shared responsibility in making their businesses successful, which is why regardless of how much support we offer, it’s the owner/operators who get their hands dirty!