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Investment Info


First things first: the cost of a Spray-Net franchise is higher than the average exterior painting franchise. And here’s why. We’re a tech-obsessed, equipment-heavy franchise. We also cut out the middle-man paint manufacturer and formulate our own line of weather-adjustable paint formulations. In other words, you can’t stop at the local hardware store to pick up what you need to start a Spray-Net franchise and deliver an on-site factory finish to homeowners. And that’s exactly the kind of competitive edge our franchisees are looking for!

When you purchase a Spray-Net franchise, you’re investing in the coating formulations, equipment and technology that will allow you to deliver a new kind of on-site paint finish to homeowners…while building a barrier to entry as you do it!

Cash Flow is King

Whether it’s to grow your team or your fleet of vehicles, we put you in an optimal cash flow position to make decisions and investments that can help grow your business.

Upfront With Costs

We’ve outlined both the required initial investment AND the operating costs you have to cover to get your business up and running. This way, there’s no surprises.

It All Starts With Marketing

We put marketing front and center within your investment so homeowners can discover our new home-improvement concept and you can build your sales pipeline.


Franchise Fee:$50,000
Initial Training & Travel:$23,000 - $26,000
Legal & Accounting Fees:$2,000 - $3,500
Starter Kit:$6,400 - $6,750
Starting Inventory:$4,500 - $5,250
Equipment:$50,550 - $52,000
Initial Cash Flow:$20,000 - $30,000
Grand Opening Marketing:$65,000
Total Investment:$221,450 - $238,500
Directly into your businessFranchisee fee & other costs
Required liquidity$100,000
Required net worth$300,000

† All investments are based on year 1. Capital reinjection may be required for year 2. 


Research & Development

Proprietary Coatings

Business Coaches & Mentors

In-House Call Center


Franchise Fee

A.k.a, your ticket into becoming an official member of the Spray-Net team! Your one-time franchise fee grants you exclusive access to our brand, proprietary products, the Spray-Network software, our systems and processes and our corporate support staff of coaches, trainers, chemists and marketers!


Starter Kit

Includes everything you need to look the part as a Spray-Net franchise partner and entrepreneur, like your Spray-Net polos, jackets, business cards and stationery. Your starter kit also includes the things you need to start selling, like sales contracts, color samples and a bunch of marketing material.


Initial Training & Travel

Our training boot camp takes place at our head-office. Over a period of 4 weeks, you’ll learn the basics of our business, like our core values and mission; the structure of our corporate teams and how they support you; and of course, the science and chemistry of paint, spray application and surface prep. Your training also includes two weeks of hands-on, on-site painting and sales training in your territory with one of our trainers.



Ahh, the good stuff. You won’t find any brush or rollers in this equipment bundle! You’ll get a trailer whose layout has been designed to optimize your workflow; the latest spray guns and pressure washers; our mobile spray-booth and a variety of different surface and temperate meters to use during your quotes and jobs.


Legal & Accounting Fees
This covers the usual due diligence involved in purchasing a franchise, like an attorney to go through your franchise agreement and an accountant to crunch the numbers.

Grand Opening Marketing

An extremely important operating expense of any new business – especially a new concept- which is why we include it as part of your initial investment. Your grand opening marketing is the combination of several hyper-local marketing strategies designed to create local buzz (online and off) and generate leads.

Cash Flow

Since lack of sufficient capital is one of the main reasons why many businesses fail, we tackle it head on to set you up for success! We incorporate a healthy dose of cash flow into your initial investment as a buffer. This way, if you need it to cover an operating expense, it’s there.

Starting Inventory

Includes all the things you need to get spraying and revamping: your first paint orders, our proprietary cleaning solutions, masking paper, tape, caulk and much more.

We’ll Help You Get Financial Assistance

Our business model & financial structure are pre-approved by major banks, which will help you secure a business loan. Our franchise development team will also help you with the strategic operational and financial planning of your business so you can maximize the full potential of your territory in a smart and sustainable way.

Contact our team for more info on local franchise opportunities in your area!