The cost of a Spray-Net franchise.


Why our exterior painting franchise costs more than the average.

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The typical Spray-Net customer is a homeowner who actually isn’t looking for a painting service. The typical Spray-Net customer is a homeowner who first looks into replacing their siding, doors and windows. The cost of our exterior painting franchise is a reflection of that. We don’t offer homeowners a paint job. We offer them a factory finish that serves as a real alternative to replacement.


  • We’re equipment heavy: You can’t provide the next generation of exterior painting with a brush and roller. Our technical and specialized solution requires the use of equipment at the forefront of the paint and coatings industry.
  • Marketing is now a part of your initial investment: Yes, it’s technically an operating cost, but we put it up front and center within your initial investment. As the owner of a new, niche concept, it’s a substantial amount you’ll need to spend at the outset. No surprises.