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Our Exterior Paints & Coatings


We realized 3 things when it comes to factory painting:

1) Each coating is formulated for a specific surface: each surface has different surface properties and different needs. Some require flexibility, like vinyl; while others require breathability, like stucco and brick. A universal product just won’t cut it if you want to achieve like-new, long-lasting results.

2) Each coating is formulated for application within a controlled environment: the ability to measure and control conditions like heat and humidity allows you to produce a perfect finish.

3) Each coatings is formulated for the way it’s applied: different types of equipment spray differently, so the product and equipment have to go hand-in-hand.

With these things in mind, we formulated an industrial-strength line of high-performance exterior paints and coatings which allow our franchise partners to bring the paint factory right to the homeowner’s doorstep!  

Surface-Tailored Coatings—no “one size fits all” paint for our franchisees.

Doors and windows are different than siding, and all of these surfaces are different than cement-based stucco. As a result, we’ve created a unique exterior paint for each one of the exterior surfaces that we revamp, like aluminum and vinyl siding, doors and windows, stucco and we’ve even formulated a mineral-based brick stain!

Weather-Adjustable Formulations

Weather has a direct impact on a paint job. As exterior painters, we can’t get around working outside. So instead, we created a line of exterior paints and coatings that we could adjust to the real-time weather parameters directly on-site during our jobs. Equipped with Spray-Net’s exclusive coatings, our franchise partners are ultimately on-site paint chemists! We take care of creating the unique base formulas in our paint facility. Then, the final step is completed on-site by our franchisees, where they create the ideal formulation that can withstand the heat, humidity, wind and dew point of the day for an optimal finish.

We revamp tons of homes every day during the painting season, with weather conditions varying from project to project. Thanks to our patent-pending weather-adjustable technology, we can guarantee consistent and superior results to our customers across our entire franchise network.

Strategically Formulated for our Equipment

We’ve strategically formulated our exterior paint for exterior spray application with our specialized equipment. By specifically formulating our products for how they’re applied, the result is optimal flow and viscosity for quick and flawless paint application. Not only does this produce a streak-free finish that looks like-new, it increases efficiency and productivity by allowing you to finish your jobs properly and on time!

Check out our Liqua-Wrap™ coating for stucco in action. First you see hairline cracks, then you don’t!

Exterior Paint for Easy Application

Our exterior paint not only benefits homeowners by providing a real alternative to replacing their siding, doors and windows, they also provide you with a bunch of application advantages to help you deliver flawless results on time and on budget.


Quick Full Property Cure

Within the first few minutes of application, the coating is dry to the touch. Like a baked factory cure, the paint film achieves a full property cure with the sun acting as the curing mechanism.

High-Transfer Efficiency

Minimal fuming means that paint ends up on the surface & not in the air, resulting in a cost-effective ratio between the cost of paint & the job. When little overspray does occur, dry-fall technology causes paint particles suspended in mid-air to dry up & fall to the ground.

Early Rain Resistance

Superior additives prevent light rain and humidity from leaving imprints in the final finish.


An optimal level of viscosity results in easy flow & application & prevents sagging on vertical surfaces.

Short Blocking Time

If dust, debris or insects stick to the paint film, the coating can be quickly sanded & retouched to ensure a smooth, even finish.

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