A Growing Industry

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A Growing Industry


In 2015, homeowners in the U.S. spent over $221 billion on home-improvements and repairs. With homeowners spending more money on home improvements than purchasing new homes, our innovative home-improvement franchise just makes sense!

A recession-resistant business

It’s hard to call any business completely recession-proof, but the home-improvement industry is as recession-resistant as you can get! Especially during economic hard times, people want to make use of what they already have. And by owning a Spray-Net home-improvement franchise, you’ll give homeowners a solution to do just that: revamp and renew perfectly good siding, doors and windows for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

We give homeowners the expertise they’re looking for 

Our home-improvement franchise satisfies a non-cyclical consumer demand: professional services. Homeowners know that painting is a cost-effective and sure-fire way to boost curb appeal. But how cost-effective is it if they have to maintain peeling and chipping paint down the line? Imagine if they knew exterior painting could be permanent and serve as a real alternative to replacement? Now that’s cost-effective curb-appeal!

Our home-improvement franchise promises long-term growth potential

The consistent growth in the home-improvement and remodeling industries allow our franchise partners to run profitable businesses and enjoy financial security. Homeowners are looking for smart and sustainable renovations, and that’s what Spray-Net gives them. Customers choose us to revamp their older homes and to personalize their newer ones, which means both an aging housing stock and new property developments work in our favor!