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Curb appeal is our passion.
Innovation is how we made it happen.

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“Why can’t you paint my vinyl windows?”

Fun fact: before creating Spray-Net, Carmelo Marsala was a College Pro franchisee. One day during one of his jobs, his customer asked him if he could paint his vinyl windows. Limited to off-the-shelf products and a brush and roller, he couldn’t. He knew the finish would look streaky and would eventually peel and chip. He then thought, “if brand-new siding, doors and windows were painted, but just in a factory, there must be a way to bring that factory finish and durability outside and on-site.” So, Carmelo went to work and Spray-Net was born!


He started building a team and met with paint specialists to figure out how to deliver a factory finish outside the controlled environment of the factory. And not just for doors and windows. But for a bunch of different exterior surfaces. This way, homeowners could get that flawless look and superior durability without having to pay to replace everything.


We faced two major obstacles. First, the product. Factory coatings are customized to the surface being painted. So, we needed a custom coating for each surface we wanted to renew. Second, the painting environment itself. A factory allows you to create optimal conditions for painting. Real life? Not so much. Since we can’t control the environment we paint in, we had to figure out a way to adjust the paint to real-time weather conditions. We were looking for products that didn’t exist, so we had to create them ourselves to achieve what we wanted to do.


Of course, we went through a lot of trial and error. Eventually, we got it just right. The last step was to develop the intelligence, The Spray-Network, to help us adjust our paint product on-site, in real time according to the weather parameters of the day. With smarter product development, we optimized painting.



After running his own student painting franchise, then 23-year-old Carmelo Marsala found Spray-Net and the permanent exterior paint solution! His goal was to offer homeowners a like-new factory finish that could save them on the cost of replacement- even on those surfaces you would think couldn’t be painted at all, like aluminum and vinyl doors and windows.


Spray-Net ditches the brush and roller and instead opts for the spray gun.


Our team grows from 3 to 7 members and we start digging into the nitty-gritty of factory painting and industrial-strength coatings. Our mission is to optimize the controlled process of factory painting for outdoor and on-site application for homeowners.


We open our head-office to house our growing team and fleet of trucks and trailers.


We launch our proprietary line of exterior paints and coatings and revamp our first 500 homes!


We do some re-rebranding and the Spray-Net logo is given a more modern, sleek look.


We sell our first two franchises and Carmelo is awarded with the Air Miles for Business Small Business Achievement Award.


We’re featured on an episode of Dragons’ Den, the Canadian version of Shark Tank, where Carmelo seals a record-breaking deal with Boston Pizza’s Jim Treliving.


We sign 19 new franchisees nation-wide across Canada!


We launch our in-house call center to handle all customer calls, emails and quote bookings for our network of franchisees.


What a year!

We revamp over 5000 homes nation-wide.

We launch our proprietary software, The Spray-Network.

We open a distribution center at our head office for stocking and shipping paint and supplies to our franchisees.

Two professional paint specialists join our team full-time and we file a patent for our exclusive weather-adjustable paint.

Carmelo attends the International Franchise Association’s NextGen in Franchising Global Competition and is named top young franchisor.

The Canadian Franchise Association names us the fastest growing home-improvement franchise in Canada.

Thanks to a 5-year growth rate of 2355%, we make
#2 on Profit500’s fastest growing consumer services companies.


Only a few territories left in Canada…. and USA, here we come!



We don’t stop and won’t stop when it comes to innovating smarter, cost-effective solutions for homeowners to revamp their homes. If you’re not one for challenging the status quo, a Spray-Net franchise ain’t for you. After all, we’d still be painting with a brush and roller if we didn’t.


We’re inquisitive. We’re curious. Using science and technology, we’re all about finding new and better ways to renovate.

Our Vision


To create the perfect fusion of science & style… and for homeowners to realize: You can paint it. You can replace it. Or you can Spray-Net it.

Our Mission


To use science to develop smart, sustainable renovation solutions that make our customers, our franchise partners and our planet happy!


noun the most cost-effective way to increase a home’s curb appeal

verb I’ve Spray-Netted my home and it looks new!

synonym beautify, revamp, refinish, transform

adj. Spray-Net is best described by the values that “SHAPE” the organization


the interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.


“Win-Win is a belief in the third alternative. It’s not your way or my way;” – Stephen R. Covey.


a humble person does not believe that they are better than other people


“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” Rick Warren.


able to move quickly and easily


“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”Winston Churchill


We are open-minded to the fact that we can always learn something new from anyone! We believe that ego has no place in a high-performing team.


“A true genius admits that he/she knows nothing.” – Albert Einstein


successful in producing a desired or intended result.


Customers don’t measure you on how hard you tried, they measure you on what you deliver.” — Steve Jobs

Hear From Some Of Our Franchisees and Customers


60% Of Our Franchisees Are Multi-Unit Owners

Dave Martin
Spray-Net Calgary

I’ve held CEO & leadership positions in several companies & while there’s enormous gratification, there’s also the stress associated to overseeing all aspects of a business. Going the franchise route allows me to focus 100% of my time in a role that I enjoy within an industry I love!

Tom Tremblay
Spray-Net Quebec

I compared the cost of investing in my own website, marketing & re-branding with the cost of becoming a Spray-Net franchisee… & becoming a franchisee made much more sense!

Nathan McQuaid
Spray-Net Charlottetown

“Self-employment is something that I really became interested in as I progressed through University. I feel that since work accounts for about a third of your life, you better enjoy what you do and who you do it with!”