We are looking for franchisees who understand our values, and more importantly who believe in them. Do you identify with our values? Does your DNA match ours? Are you FIT – Fast, Intellectual, Technical – for Spray-Net?



Our DNA, or what we like to call our chemical composition


Move: Fast. We hate waste of any kind because there’s literally no time for it. We believe that a wrong decision is better than no decision at all.


Upfront & Real: We’re serious about setting honest and clear expectations. We mitigate surprises and resulting frustration by being objective in our approach to ensure facts are being communicated.


Technical: The best opportunities lie in the places nobody cares to look. When you dig deep and pay attention to even the smallest details, you’ll be surprised by what you can come up with.


Triple A: Alert, Aware & Accountable. We understand the importance of being alert to how others feel, aware of the importance of perception and accountable to ensure we can put our egos aside to position ourselves for happiness. If nobody’s happy, what’s even the point?


Create Value: We want everyone to win. We are firm believers that real collaboration is required to do things that are greater than what we could ever do alone.


Who’s our ideal fit?


Our franchisees are owner-operator partners. They understand the industry like no one else because they are open-minded and eager to learn what goes into every aspect of the job. Their mastery is achieved by hard work. And ultimately, that’s our competitive advantage.


As a Spray-Net franchisee, you need to:


  • Be willing to get your hands dirty. You won’t learn how to be the best at this job with books. You need to get out there, struggle, and sweat. Understanding only comes with practice.
  • Be eager to learn. Many of our franchisees are not experienced painters, and that’s okay: our methods are unique anyway. We’ll teach you, but you need to be willing to learn.
  • Be a leader. Your employees will respect you unconditionally if they know you have the skills. That means you need to be able to step in and show them that you’re more than the boss. Leading by example is the key to success.
  • Be a listener. Can you forget everything you know and become a homeowner again? A person? Put yourself in their shoes. See it through to your eyes. You are your customers.