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Bring one of Canada’s fastest growing franchises to the US!

We’re one of Canada’s fastest growing franchises because we shake things up when it comes to exterior painting! We’ve gone deep into the science of paint to formulate the exclusive weather-adjustable coatings that will allow you to deliver a unique service homeowners can’t get anywhere else…
all while giving you a rock-solid edge over the competition.


Our proven and scalable franchise model means you don’t have to go through the trial-and-error of starting a business on your own. By joining Spray-Net’s fast-growing franchise, you’ll become part of team who’s already disrupted the exterior painting industry in Canada… and who’s going to do the same in the US!

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It’s been a fun and wild ride since launching Spray-Net in 2010 to becoming one of Canada’s fastest growing franchises! Hover over a year to see what we’ve been up to








Spray-Net’s fast-growing franchise can help you propel your existing painting business to the next level

Converting your existing painting business means joining the Spray-Net team and transforming your business into something more niche and specialized. A couple of our franchisees are former painters and renovation contractors. Like our founder and CEO, Carmelo, they decided it was time to stop competing against the homeowner and stop delivering a service most people could do themselves. Your customers want the best value for money…and that’s what Spray-Net gives them.

By becoming a Spray-Net partner, you can:

1) Increase your revenue streams: offer your customers services most painters don’t offer, like painting aluminum and vinyl doors and windows and even staining brick.

2) Increase efficiency and productivity: it calculates your quotes, the amount of paint you need for your jobs and it even sends your paint orders to our distribution center… what doesn’t the Spray-Network do? By doing most of the admin work for you, our proprietary software allows you to focus 100% of your time on executing your jobs and keeping your customers happy!

3) Create a barrier to entry for your competition: our paints and coatings are formulated with our patent-pending weather-adjustable technology, so you’ll deliver a unique on-site service that homeowners really can’t get anywhere else.

Converting your business doesn’t mean losing your independence as an entrepreneur. It means taking advantage of an industry-leading expertise and being in business for yourself…not by yourself.

  • Phrase IPainter & his trailer
    Juggles all call & email
    Zero to minimal company
    Word of mouth referrals fuel
    No operating system
    Uses commercially-available
    latex paint
  • Phrase IIPainter & his office
    Gets a little more help for answering
    calls & emails from an admin assistant
    Inconsistent company branding
    Hit-or-miss tactics with no
    long-term plan
    Multiple non-integrated system
    Uses commercially-available
    latex paint
  • Phrase IIIPainter & Spray-net
    Doesn’t answer any calls or emails
    thanks to an in-house call center
    Consistent & coherent
    company branding
    Full-funnel marketing approach
    optimized for growth
    One fully-integrated proprietary
    system. The Spray-Network!

    Uses our proprietary line of
    weather-adjustable coatings

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