Exterior painting isn’t just for old homes

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Many people associate exterior painting with yearly spring maintenance or the freshening up of a really old and weathered home. They never utter the words “exterior painting” and “new house” in the same sentence… and wrongly so! Whether to personalize their forever home or to boost curb appeal to sell, more and more homeowners are investing in the exterior painting of their brand-new homes.

We tend to forget about the personalization aspect of exterior painting. Painting doors and windows, for example, is an easy way to add style and personality to a home. With the advancement of new technologies, there are even unique exterior paints and coatings that make it possible for you to change the outdated colour of your brick.

4 reasons you should consider exterior painting for your newer home:

Exterior painting isn’t just maintenance:
Sure, wood siding may need annual touch-ups due to peeling and chipping, but our exterior paints and coatings allow homeowners to change the colour of durable siding like vinyl, aluminum and masonry for a permanent and complete home transformation. Since siding covers an entire home and has a HUGE impact on curb appeal, a lot of homeowners modernize their homes by changing the outdated colour of their siding.
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Exterior painting lets you personalize your home:
Exterior spray painting is the optimal way to add personality and colour to generic white doors and windows. Whether you want to paint your windows black for a sleek, modern look; or add a pop of colour to your front door, spray application results in a permanent, factory finish that looks absolutely brand-new… and not repainted.  Apart from giving your home a stellar look, it’s a cost-effective way to save on the cost of replacing your tired -but still functional- doors and windows.
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Exterior painting involves much more than just aluminum siding:
Our exclusive paints and coatings make it possible to paint much more than the ever so popular aluminum siding. Along with aluminum, you can paint vinyl, stucco, aggregate and even brick to truly customize the look of your home. With uniquely tailored coatings for each of these exterior surfaces, gone are the days where you just had no choice but to live with your outdated exterior colours!  

Exterior painting enhances more than just looks:
Exterior painting can actually add value to your home! Both old and new homes alike can benefit from a boost in curb appeal and as a result, an increase in over-all property value- especially appealing for homeowners looking to sell their home faster and for a greater profit! Given that the work is carried out just once, an exterior painting makeover yields a quick return on your investment and gives you a big bang for your buck!

Superior products and techniques have transformed exterior painting from a maintenance project into a way to permanently customize your home. Along with homeowners who resort to exterior painting out of dire necessity, many homeowners are now turning to exterior painting as a way to add personality and flare to their new homes. Not only will you love your home’s new look, you’ll love coming home every day and seeing your return on investment before you even walk through the front door!

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