Spray-Net’s Home-Improvement Business Making a Splash in Industry… & Why You Should Become a Franchisee


In just 5 years, we’ve grown our home-improvement business by 2355%, landing Spray-Net the #2 spot on Profit500’s fastest growing consumer services companies. There’s a reason why we are Canada’s fastest growing home-improvement franchise and why our franchisees have decided to join our team: in a crowded marketplace, we stand out by delivering factory-quality exterior paint finishes to homes, a service that is an affordable alternative to replacement.

Equally important for our franchisees, our proprietary paints and coatings are precisely formulated for a specific exterior surface to guarantee optimal results- unlike a jack-of-all-trades product. All of our coatings are formulated with our exclusive weather-adjustable technology, which means we can adjust paint formulations on-site to cope with a whole host of variables such as humidity, temperature and wind speed. This means only Spray-Net franchisees can deliver exactly the kind of stunning quality that increases curb appeal, making our home-improvement franchise stand out from the competition.

What Explains Our 5-Year Growth Rate?

Unlike exterior painting franchises that do the job with a can of paint and a ladder, we rely on big data to create a specific formulation that is customized for each home and application condition. Spray-Net’s proprietary software, The Spray-Network, factors on-site weather conditions and takes them into consideration to create a solution that is specific to the homeowner’s needs.

Using our proprietary software, we adjust our paints & coatings directly on-site taking a whole host of factors such as temperature, dew point and wind speed into consideration.

Carmelo Marsala, Spray-Net’s President and Founder says that our franchisees are not competing against the homeowner, many of whom view painting as a commodity and something they can do themselves. “We don’t even compete against exterior painters. A lot of the surfaces we do, they can’t do with conventional products so we’re really an alternative to replacement.”

Franchisees have full access to Spray-Net’s specialized spraying equipment and paints from its central distribution center, where the products are formulated and mixed.

Spray-Net’s factory-finish formulations dramatically increase curb appeal, making our service a particularly attractive alternative to replacement.

Most home-improvement businesses often have to go to multiple suppliers to get all their products, but our seamless delivery process ensures that our franchisees receive all the materials they need- right from uniforms, tools and the paint needed for their jobs- from one central source. Once a franchisee calculates a quote using the Spray-Network, the software sends the paint order directly to our distribution center, maximizing efficiency and ensuring timely delivery of product. The Spray-Network even schedules customer consultations based on a franchisees’ driving routes for the day.

We Take Care of Marketing For Our Franchisees

Another strong differentiator that works in our favor is that we take care of the marketing for franchisees—from direct mail, local Facebook campaigns, microsites, local SEO, newspaper advertisements and more. We will even take care of booking local home shows for franchisees. All they have to do is show up! “We’re like a custom-tailored marketing agency specifically for our franchisees,” Marsala says. “Many franchisors don’t want to be responsible for lead generation but I realize that when you ask a franchisee to do his own marketing, some don’t understand what that entails.”

Since Spray-Net takes care of marketing, lead generation and scheduling customer consultations (through a devoted call center), franchisees can focus majority of their time on actually delivering the service. It’s a win-win for all parties concerned.

Our Exterior Painting Franchise is Looking to Capitalize on the Rapidly Growing U.S. Home-Improvement Market

Already Canada’s fastest growing home-improvement business, we are looking to launch a North American expansion by making inroads in the United States where the outlook for home improvement continues to be rosy.

The home improvement market in the United States has been growing at a healthy annual clip: According to the Home Improvement Research Institute home improvement sales for 2016 were expected to hit $324 billion. Research data also shows that homeowner mobility has been steadily decreasing over the past three decades pointing to an increased demand for services like ours which makes old homes look like new and uses science to increase curb appeal.

Our initial U.S. expansion plans are targeted at the northeast including states like Massachusetts and the rest of New England; New York and New Jersey where the demographics are ripe for a service like Spray-Net.

We deliver a three-pronged advantage to franchisees looking to be a part of this growing industry: a unique service that is in demand and appeals to consumers; a nimble business that is built on proprietary software and data; and in-house marketing that frees up franchisees to do the actual work.

Looking for more proof that Spray-Net is the home-improvement franchise that franchisees love? A whopping 75% of our franchisees purchased a second territory after their first year. That, says Marsala, speaks volumes about what they think about the business and its profitability.

Becoming a part of Spray-Net allows franchisees to color their own business dreams with a franchise that’s nimble and forging new paths in the home-improvement business.



Disclaimer: The offer of a franchise can only be made through the delivery of a Franchise Disclosure Document. Certain jurisdictions require registration prior to the offer or sale of a franchise. We do not offer franchises in jurisdictions where we are not registered (or exempt from registration).

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