The Spray-Network

Service-industry technology so you can work smarter.
Not harder.

The Spray-Network

A technology suite for today’s on-the-go service business owner.


Running a painting business involves a lot of running around. Between juggling your customers, your jobs and your crew it’s easy to get lost, especially if you’re keeping track of everything on paper. The Spray-Network is the service-industry software we custom-designed for our business, so our franchise partners can get more done, in less time and with less headaches.


Don’t have experience running a painting business? No problem.

That’s why we developed the business module dream team to help you.



Unorganized quotes and improper pricing of jobs can cost you time and money. Our CRM and Sales Module makes sure that doesn’t happen.

  • Your calendar programmatically blocks enough time for each consultation we book for you and ensures you’re not driving an hour between each one.
  • A step-by-step quoting module prompts you to consider every detail for pricing a job. Accurate pricing for every job means a happy franchisee and no surprises for your customers.
  • Avoid ordering too much or too little paint with automatic paint calculation.
  • Receive reminders for your customer follow ups (people forget things, the Spray-Network doesn’t).
  • Send your customers professional-looking, electronic quotes.


You have enough to do between going on quotes and being on-site with your team. Let the Spray-Network communicate with our distribution team for you.

  • Paint is automatically calculated per job and orders sent directly to our distribution team for fulfillment.


Get the technical insights you need to make sure your team is getting jobs done properly and on time.

  • Input the weather parameters of the day, and the Spray-Network will coach you on an effective game plan. It will tell you how to adjust the paint formulation and which side of the house to start working on so you can deliver an optimal factory finish on time.
  • With instant access to contract information, no time is wasted texting or emailing job details to your team.
  • Analyze your team’s field KPIs with time sheets. Know exactly how many hours your team is working and the time taken to complete a job.
  • Measure and analyze labor costs and profits.


View your business’s performance during the season or from year to year from one user-friendly dashboard.

  • See how many leads you received, quoted and closed.
  • View key performance metrics and see if you’re hitting your seasonal goals.
  • Stop guessing about important business data, like average job size and sales ratio.


Keep track of the things that can easily fall through the cracks, like purchase orders, unpaid invoices and expenses.

  • Get a summary of all of your purchase orders, from paint to brochures.
  • Know how many invoices are outstanding and send customers payment reminders.
  • Stay on top of your team’s field expenses by logging the transaction, uploading a picture of the receipt and assigning it to an accounting code.


Once a quote is confirmed, your paint order is sent right to our in-house paint lab so we can get started on formulating your coatings right away.

  • Streamlined communication between franchisees and our paint formulators for accurate and timely shipment of product.


Access the Spray-Net Shop, your go-to place to order everything you need to run your business.

  • Order masking paper, tape, caulking and other material needed to get your jobs done.
  • Keep your team looking sharp in their orange work tees and branded caps.
  • Wow your customers during your consultations with professional sales brochures and paint sample leave-behinds.


 Tell the Spray-Network what to do.

Customization for your needs as you go from newbie to experienced franchisee. 

A franchisee in year 3 might have enough experience and training to complete a quote in 45 minutes. As a newbie, you might need 75 minutes. And that’s okay, just tell the Spray-Network what to do and let it do the work for you.

We’ll create your custom consultation algorithm to tell the Spray-Network how long to block off for each one of your at-home consultations. This way, our customer experience team can easily book your consultations according to your needs.