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3 Ways Spray-Net Lets You Work Smarter, Not Harder!

It is no secret that there’s a lot that goes into owning a business. A small business owner is responsible for managing all things to do with day-to-day operations from payroll to marketing and even customer service. With a painting franchise opportunity through Spray-Net, however, you can take advantage of well-developed proprietary software that helps franchisees control and manage the vast majority of day-to-day tasks that could hold back someone who owns their own business. In addition, the no middle man motto that Spray-Net possesses provides both customers and franchisees unique advantages when it comes to exterior painting. Here are 3 ways that a painting franchise opportunity through Spray-Net can enable you to work smarter, not harder, in a career that you enjoy.

Proprietary Software Designed to Help You Save Time and Money

Spray-Net has developed a proprietary software called Spray-Network to manage many of the franchisees’ operations and back-end tasks that can take away from the job itself. The Spray-Network software organizes a franchise’s entire workflow from qualifying and booking leads to customer feedback and so much more that it is like a built-in CRM for franchisees. In addition, it provides accurate payroll readings by monitoring digitally keeping track of every members hours, so everyone gets paid accurately and accordingly.

Spray-Net’s painting franchise opportunity is truly unique since they have implemented the Spray-Network software. This web-based software is user-friendly and easily accessible through a dashboard, so franchisees have everything they need in their hands when it comes to presenting proposals, signing proposals, and even scheduling jobs. Because of this turnkey, user-friendly software, franchisees have the benefit of working for themselves without the demanding tasks that need to be done to keep an independent painting business afloat.

Cutting Out the Middleman

Spray-Net’s no middleman model means precisely that: franchisees never have to coordinate with anyone other than the franchisor. Spray-Net’s unique model stems from the complete self-sufficiency the brand possesses. Franchisees utilize the franchisor directly for all supplies instead of individual suppliers and distributors. This is because Spray-Net’s formula is unique and the process to make it is patented, which also provides an edge over competing exterior painting businesses. The process has been patented, so each surface can be painted with a unique formula custom-produced for the specific surface and weather conditions. As a result, these formulas produce factory-like, quality results on any of the surfaces we paint.

Proprietary Coatings and Exterior Painting Customers Trust

After countless hours of research and development, Spray-Net was able to fill a void in the market with proprietary coatings that customers can trust. Because of the patented process, Spray-Net has the ability to adjust the products for any of the surfaces they service. In addition, additives can be added so franchises can get jobs done in a variety of different weather conditions. Customers appreciate this dedication to service and choose Spray-Net for their exterior paint needs on surfaces like vinyl, aluminum, brick, stucco, and more. Since all formulations are made in-house by Spray-Net, customers also do not have to worry about a limited manufacturing warranty that they may have from any other painting franchise.

Spray-Net’s painting franchise opportunity enables people to work smarter, not harder because of the franchisor’s influence and nurture in many aspects of the business. This allows franchisees to reap the rewards of having a reputable brand name without the hassle of managing all the operations that they would with their own exterior painting business.

Spray-Net serves as the formulators, manufacturers, and distributors, so franchisees know exactly what is in the products they supply, and customers can trust that their exterior surfaces will be painted with quality products.

For more information about how you can work smarter instead of harder with a Spray-Net painting franchise opportunity, learn more about the opportunity on our website.

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