Get your slice of the $450 billion home-improvement industry.

More & More Homeowners Are Choosing To Renovate.


Become one of the professionals they call.


As home prices continue to rise, homeowners aren’t looking for their dream homes. They’re creating them. And to make a house a home, they need professional contractors like us. With homeowners moving a lot less than they used to, they need cost-effective, long lasting solutions. And that’s what we give them! #winwin


The Renovation Boom.


Homeowners in the US keep spending more on more on home-improvement and repairs every year. The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University projects that homeowners will spend “in excess of $430 billion on home upgrades and replacements, as well as routine maintenance.”

Spray-Net is the cost-effective alternative to big-ticket renos.

According to the most recent Houzz & Home Survey, staying on budget is the number one challenge homeowners face when renovating. When it comes to pricey exterior renovations like replacing siding, doors and windows, we offer homeowners looking for that like-new, factory finish and durability with a cost-effective alternative. Spray-Net bridges this gap between an expensive renovation and an affordable one; between a long-lasting solution and a quick fix.


Renovating to resell.

When it does come time to sell, every seller wants one thing: to sell fast and for more. Renovating to sell can be a hit or miss: it’s gotta be worth the time and the cost. A Spray-Net revamp won’t just wow potential buyers. It’s done in as little as a day, so sellers can boost curb appeal and get their properties on the market in no time. Even the Property Brothers chose Spray-Net- check out our feature on HGTV’s Buying and Selling.


The home-improvement industry is as recession-resistant as you can get.

It’s hard to call any business completely recession-proof, but the home-improvement industry is known to handle a financial storm better than others. When homeowners are tightening their purse strings, they tend to spend on those basic maintenance projects, like house painting!