Our Competitive Advantage


We’re not regular painters.

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Our competitive advantage isn’t only our support.
It’s our unique service.


Support, on-going training and a proven business model that gives you the opportunity to run a successful business. Is this really a competitive advantage? While important, these advantages are a basic pass-to-play that any franchisor should be offering their franchisees. Spray-Net’s competitive advantage provides our franchise partners with strategic, long term value.

We’ve built a barrier to entry with a strategic arsenal


Patented Solutions + Protected Intellectual Property + Proprietary Software & Products = a one of a kind franchise opportunity



Better believe our weather-adjustable painting process is patented! As the owner of a Spray-Net franchise, you’ll be part of an exclusive club of professional painters who can offer homeowners a weather-adjusted painting solution using chemistry and software. We’ve also developed a patented custom vinyl solution for painting vinyl siding, which can get a bad rep for warping if approached in the wrong way.





Our brand messaging and intellectual property is protected, which means no one can claim Spray-Net’s Formulation to Application nor No Middleman Model for themselves!




Spray-Net franchisees aren’t the authorized applicators of another paint manufacturer’s product. Our franchisees are equipped with our proprietary, high-performance coatings that we formulate ourselves in-house. Only Spray-Net franchisees have access to our coatings… and only Spray-Net franchisees can deliver our signature factory-quality finish.


Then there’s the Spray-Network. Our proprietary software isn’t just your on-site paint expert. The Spray-Network is a matrix of algorithms that helps you run your business. We’ve fined-tune our business workflows –from customer service to on-site production- so you can run your business with more confidence. The Spray-Network exists for one purpose: to make our highly technical and specialized service simple.

Our competitive advantage positions us perfectly,
for both aspiring entrepreneurs & homeowners.


Spray-Net delivers unmatched quality at an affordable price for homeowners;
and a niche business opportunity with the potential for high profit margins for franchisees.