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4 Ways Spray-Net Has a Competitive Advantage

Do you already own a painting business? If so, you already know that it’s more important than ever in today’s market to offer products and services that help you stand out from other similar retailers. Whether you’re looking to convert your painting business to a Spray-Net franchise or start from scratch, Spray-Net has a number of competitive advantages over the average, independently-owned business. Here is a closer look at a few of the benefits of franchising with Spray-Net.

We Cut Out the Middleman

When running a painting business, one of the most significant costs incurred by owners is the cost of the paint. While painters can certainly choose from a variety of paints at manufacturers, there’s no product like ours in the market that exactly fits what they’re looking for. Our paint is constantly being researched and developed, and we offer patented processes that can adjust the formulations to the weather. Any other exterior painting business doesn’t have this, and they rely on the “middle man” for many of their products and services.

At Spray-Net, we’ve eliminated that middleman – we proudly manufacture our own paint with our unique formulations that we create at our own facility for every surface we paint. Our franchisees use formulas and methods specifically designed for them, which means the services and products are maximized and tweaked based on direct feedback. The” No MiddleMan” motto also enables franchisees to adjust the formulations to their specific needs for customers also means that they can formulate the right paint to suit the needs of their clients and the environmental conditions in the area.

We serve as the formulators, the manufacturers, and the distributors of all the products offered through our franchises. By having everything in-house, customers know they are getting quality results in the end and a warranty that is unlike any other. Because Spray-Net serves as the manufacturer and nothing is outsourced during the creation of the product, there is no such thing as a limited manufacturing warranty. Customers recognize this key distinguishing factor and develop a loyalty to Spray-Net for their residential exterior painting needs.

Painting Business Industry

We are making a greater impression in the painting industry than the average painting business. According to industry data, the painting industry steadily has been increasing approximately 5% annually due in large part to the growth of the housing market and an uptick in property ownership overall, including investment real estate and commercial property. With more activity in these industries comes a greater reliance on painting businesses such as ours.

At Spray-Net, we created a niche for their franchises in the industry and give a real alternative to a replacement that will last. With two patented processes, a dedicated brand behind them, and industry training, franchisees have a competitive edge in their territories when it comes to exterior painting.

Custom Paint for Every Job

We have two patented processes as opposed to products to offer. What this enables us to do is continually change the products to adapt to different surfaces and weather conditions, which saves customers time and money because the job can get done quicker and it will not have to be redone later. Weather additives are added to the solutions so that they can dry quicker or slower, depending on the dew point, humidity level, and substrate temperature.

In addition to the patented and unique processes, it is easily accessible through the proprietary software called Spray-Network. This software helps franchisees with many aspects of the business, including customer quotes and determining painting needs. arrangement and creation of custom paint for any exterior surface we provide services for.

Expert Marketing Solutions

If you own a painting business, you know marketing is crucial when it comes to spreading the word about your business and identifying new customers. Developing a strong marketing campaign can suck up a lot of resources between the time and money you’ll invest. One of the most significant advantages of franchising with Spray-Net is that you can look forward to using our experts to develop a targeted marketing campaign just for you. With a franchisor behind you, our strategy allows you to focus on the operations of your business without worrying about getting your name out there. We make it easy for franchisees to have a competitive advantage in a growing industry.

As you can see, there are a number of competitive advantages to running a Spray-Net painting business. Contact us today to learn more about the process of becoming a franchisee!

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