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Everything You Need to Know About the Financial Investment

Everyone needs to have a purpose in what they do, and, fortunately, Spray-Net is a viable option for people seeking a career that makes a difference in their community. By investing in a painting franchise for sale through Spray-Net you are buying into a brand with trusted products that customers love, in an industry that thrives on helping people with their most prized possession. In addition, you may have the option work close to home, so you can spend quality time with your family and loved ones. Here is everything you need to know about the financial investment for a rewarding career with Spray-Net.

What Comes with a Spray-Net Franchise?

Spray-Net franchises are unique compared to many other brands because of the comprehensive investment. In addition, we are a home-based franchise, which means you do not need a store to run a successful Spray-Net business of your own – just simply a space to store your supplies. Our investment comes with a tested and proven business model that has worked for franchisees all over North America, so you can trust that it works and can help you reach your goals.

In addition to the business model, before you even commence operations as a franchisee, you must go through the training process to help you learn about the home improvement industry, the Spray-Net brand, and your specific role. The investment also comes with ongoing support and the initial equipment and supplies you will need to get your franchise started.

We recognize that a franchise is a business. Our franchisees are responsible for managing and working with their own team. By having the liberty to hire who they believe are best qualified, our franchisees are able to build excellent work teams that get jobs done fast and efficiently which, in turn, helps build quality relationships with clients that can lead to referrals and future business.

What Does the Investment Look Like?

Since a Spray-Net painting franchise for sale does not require a store or office space, the investment is reasonable to get one off the ground. In addition, the average amount that is made within the first year is nearly double what the investment was originally, which can be anywhere between $123,000 and $14,000. It is important to remember that the lowest investment does not mean the best investment, and with Spray-Net’s turnkey system, one that comes with the training, support, exclusive rights to our proprietary products, and flexibility, it may prove to be the most valuable option out there for a painting franchise for sale.

We recognize that a brand is only as strong as the franchisees that represent it. We strive to make sure all prospects have what it takes to represent our brand and encompass our vision in everything they do as a franchisee. Our ideal candidates do not always have experience with home improvement or exterior painting, and we make sure that anyone with a passion for a Spray-Net franchise is considered for the opportunity.

The Technology

As stated above, we are a tech-savvy brand that strives to make processes easier for franchisees. We have technology embedded into several different aspects of the business because we strongly believe that data is important. Data is how we determine the best practices for what we do, how to best develop methods for franchisees to utilize, and how to create additional tools and support for franchisees.

We have numerous advancements coming soon that will involve virtual reality and chatbots on the consumer website to book jobs and automate processes. We’ll also have a feature where customers can upload their photo right on the website and receive a ballpark estimate for our services.

Why Choose a Spray-Net Painting Franchise for Sale?

From the dedicated brand to the turnkey investment, their success is our success. We have even eliminated the middleman by bringing everything in-house so franchisees only have to come to us for assistance or supplies for their franchise.

We have also utilized our proprietary software, the Spray-Network, to make managing jobs and employees easy and convenient with a centralized and user-friendly platform. The Spray-Network can manage jobs and customer satisfaction, as well as help franchisees quote and schedule jobs.

Through technology training, support, and more, we try to help our franchisees stay on a course that is more prone to success. We offer an opportunity to help people with exterior home revamps, and franchisees love the flexibility that a career like this brings.

Learn more about Spray-Net and why investing in a painting franchise for sale may be the ideal career opportunity for you.

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