Starting a New Painting Business

Starting a new painting business, as with any new business, comes with its own unique set of challenges. Entrepreneurs who start new businesses on their own find that they’re faced with many unexpected obstacles. They are on their own when it comes to things like finding the right equipment, hiring the right staff, managing bookkeeping, and more. Furthermore, marketing effectively can be challenging for new businesses. When you franchise with Spray Net, we work to take the hassle out of starting a new painting business. We’ve been in business since 2010, and we put our experience to work for you when you decide to partner with us. Below you’ll find more information about the process of starting a painting business with Spray Net.

Save Time by Implementing Our Business Model


One of the challenges new business owners face is developing an effective and efficient business model. Even if you have experience painting houses, it can be difficult to come up with policies and procedures that save you as much time and money as possible. One of the advantages of franchising with Spray Net is that we’ve already developed a highly-effective business model. You don’t need to worry about redesigning the wheel – we’ll train you in just about every aspect of managing your business so that you can rest assured that you’re working as effectively as possible.

Operating Under a Trusted Brand Name

A distinct advantage of starting a new painting business with Spray Net is that we’ve established ourselves as a trusted name in house painting. Our clients know us as a high-quality service provider that does great work for a fair price, and that positive word-of-mouth has helped us as we’ve expanded our business. The Spray Net brand name will be an asset to you as you start your new business, also. When entrepreneurs start a new business from scratch, it can take them years to develop a strong reputation. Why start from nothing when you can join our brand and instantly enjoy the benefits of our reputation?


Best of all, we’ll help you to develop a strong marketing campaign so that you can spread the word about your new Spray Net franchise right in your community. Spray Net has spent years developing targeted marketing campaigns, and we can help you to reach your potential clients across a range of channels. When you partner with us, we’ll help you to make the most of the Spray Net brand name.

Strong Research and Development

Research and development is a must for any business. It’s important to stay on top of what customers want, trends in your industry, new technologies, and more. Understanding how factors like these affect your business is the best way to stay on top of your game. Businesses who don’t invest in research and development may find that they’re missing out on great opportunities, and that their customers are being drawn away by competitors who can provide the services they want.


Spray Net is best known for our revolutionary painting techniques that don’t rely on rollers and brushes, and our custom-blended paint that’s designed to endure the weather in your region. We developed these advances, and are continuing to develop new services, because we invest heavily in research and development. We want our franchisees to offer the latest-and-greatest in painting technology and services to the clients they serve. If you’re thinking of starting a new painting business, partnering with Spray Net is a great way to ensure you’ll always be on the cutting edge because of our dedication to research and development.

These are just a few reasons why starting a new painting business with Spray Net gives you a competitive advantage. Contact us today to learn more about the process of becoming a franchise owner!