Spray-Net’s Home-Based Business is a Franchisee Favorite

Low overhead costs and a faster ROI are among many positives of our mobile business


As a businessperson, what is it that you look for before placing your chips on a home-improvement franchise? Low start-up and overhead costs? A potential for rapid realization of investment? Or what about the flexibility of a home-based business that lets you have a life while being your own boss? The good news is that Spray-Net checks off all these boxes—and then some.

We are Canada’s fastest growing home-improvement franchise! We’ve grown our business 2355% in 5 years because franchisees love Spray-Net’s unique business proposition and they’re as passionate about our commitment to delivering factory-quality paint finishes to homes, as we are. They also appreciate our mobile, home-based business which delivers low start-up and overhead costs. An added bonus: franchisees have the potential to earn revenue much faster compared to business owners who have to factor in rent of a brick and mortar location.

Equally important, homeowners see value in our service, which is an affordable alternative to replacement. This is good news because it presents a huge demand in the robust home-improvement industry.

Spray-Net’s home-based franchise ensures low overhead costs

Our fully portable mobile spray booth creates the perfect controlled environment for painting a front door during unexpected and unideal weather conditions.

Our franchisees work with an office on wheels, a fully equipped trailer with all the tools and equipment necessary to satisfactorily complete their jobs. They also receive our portable mobile spray booth which is easily set up at job sites and can be stowed away in a garage at the end of the day. Franchisees don’t have to stock large amounts of inventory. Our proprietary software, The Spray-Network, calculates the amount of paint needed to do a job and automatically sends the order to our distribution center. You order only what you need and receive your orders just in time to complete your jobs.

A front-end office to handle calls and take down appointments is not necessary—we take care of all of this for you at our in-house call center. And since we also take care of marketing for franchisees, all they have to do is hire their team of painters. (Incidentally, here too Spray-Net is looking to help. We’re investing in proprietary software that will help franchisees find and retain service talent more effectively.)

Spray-Net’s in-house call center handles all customer calls, emails and quote bookings for franchisees.

This combination of factors ensures that unlike other franchise opportunities, the overheads costs of our home-based business are low. There is no rent payments on a storefront and very low staffing expenses. Another attractive plus in Spray-Net’s column is that unlike other franchises which need months and months of store buildout time (not to mention capital) for a location to get started, our franchisees hit the ground running and can make money faster for a better ROI.

Spray-Net’s franchisees enjoy flexible careers

A home-based franchise typically means increased flexibility for franchise partners. Don’t get us wrong, running ANY type of business is hard work; but our franchisees enjoy a good work-life balance choosing their hours and setting the pace that works for them.

Spray-Net is as agile as our franchisees and we work to stay ahead of the competition. As we grow in Canada and begin to permeate markets in the United States, our adaptability and our commitment to innovation are two of the most important selling points of our franchise opportunity. At every step of the game, from orders to service and delivery, we are agile. “Franchisees have more influence on the way that systems are optimized and created,” says Carmelo Marsala, Spray-Net’s Founder and President. “Bigger franchises use outdated methods. Everything for them is just plug, play and repeat. We’re not using old industry practices, we’re always changing things and we’re adaptable. It’s what makes Spray-Net miles ahead of the competition.”

We attract franchisees with a passion for our service and who appreciate the advantages of becoming a part of a young and fast-paced franchise like Spray-Net. Low overhead costs, a flexible home-based business and a faster return on investment—if you’re looking to profit from the booming home-improvement industry becoming a Spray-Net franchisee puts you on the fast track and firmly in the driver’s seat.


Disclaimer: The offer of a franchise can only be made through the delivery of a Franchise Disclosure Document. Certain jurisdictions require registration prior to the offer or sale of a franchise. We do not offer franchises in jurisdictions where we are not registered (or exempt from registration).

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