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We Do So Much More Than Just Paint: Why You’d Be a Great Fit

In a country where the home improvement industry is experiencing tremendous growth and potential of profit, Spray-Net is establishing itself with a unique opportunity: an exterior painting franchise that has a dedicated brand name that people all over North America recognize. Eager prospective franchisees with a drive to get jobs done, dedication to running a business, and ability to work with a team, have great potential to have a rewarding career with a turnkey business model and a brand behind them who cares. Here’s what we do and why you may be a perfect fit for a painting franchise.

More than Just a Painting Franchise

At Spray-Net, we do so much more than just paint exterior surfaces. We create customized paints through patented processes that adjust to factors such as weather, so the products last longer. This saves customers money because of the specific formulas we create for different surfaces and franchisees time because they do not have to return to maintain paint jobs earlier than anticipated than they would with conventional painting methods.

These additives for different weather conditions allow the paint to dry quicker or slower, which means you and your crew can optimize your time accordingly. We can add these additives to the paints we use on surfaces such as vinyl, stucco, aluminum, and brick, in addition to doors and windows. The services we offer for exterior painting are different than any other painting franchises, and customers recognize that.

In addition to the patented processes, we have also eliminated the middleman from all our services and products as well. Our franchisees use us, the franchisor, as their source for all their product and supply needs. By bringing everything in-house and applying the “no middleman” model, you can save time and money at a one-stop shop instead of using a manufacturer to buy supplies or paint.

No Painting Franchise Experience? No Problem.

We understand that prospective franchisees are coming from all different backgrounds, which is why we have designed the initial training program that walks all franchisees through the painting industry and the ins and outs of their new franchise.

After the initial training, franchisees have the skills they need to get started with their franchise, and during the first year, which we refer to as the learning year, a representative from Spray-Net will come, assess, and provide feedback to help them optimize the business model and make sure they are getting the most they can out of their painting franchise. We stand behind our franchisees and try to provide support whenever it is needed. The support team is available beyond standard business hours to assure that all franchisees receive the help they need to get problems solved in a quick fashion.

Software to Help You Get the Job Done

Our Spray-Network proprietary software is the complete solution that enables our franchisees to be more than just the average painting franchise. This software allows franchisees to provide estimated quotes, draft proposals, submit sign proposals, and accept jobs within their territory. By having all these services in a convenient place right in the palm of their hands, franchisees can enjoy working for themselves without the complexity and tediousness that may come with any other home improvement business. Our Spray-Network produce data that helps franchisees in many elements of their business, as well as the Spray-Net team to create an effective marketing strategy. Spray-Network functions almost like a CRM with a turnkey, user-friendly dashboard that has easy access to all the services that are available within it.

With patented processes, an extraordinary training program, and plenty of support both in person and through the Spray-Network, franchisees from diverse backgrounds and experiences feel confident with their painting franchise. If you are looking for the opportunity to work for yourself outside a traditional office with a brand behind you to guide you through the twists and turns of franchising, Spray-Net is the right painting franchise opportunity for you.

Learn more about why Spray-Net stands out from the competition and how you can download a free franchise brochure.

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