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Meet the people who work hard to help make your business a success.

Carmelo Marsala

Carmelo Marsala


I started in the paint industry as a student painting franchisee with CollegePro in 2006. At the time, our COO Pat was the VP there and showed me the ropes on how to run a successful painting business and this, of course, led to the idea for Spray-Net. After growing the business quickly from 1 to 60+ employees in a little over 3 years, and already having been a franchisee, franchising seemed to be the evident next step and we started doing just that in 2014. As a former franchisee I believe I have a good perspective on what it means to build an effective franchise concept and in my role as CEO my main focus is driving our R&D, software development ideation and finding new ways with our team to market and execute our unique services. What drives me is fulfilling our vision to create value for both our HQ team, our franchisees and the customers we serve!

One word that describes you: RELENTLESS


Patrick Simpson


I was a CollegePro student painting franchisee at 18 years old and ran a franchise with 10 employees. From there, I joined the franchisor side as a general manager and then promoted to VP where I oversaw the recruitment and training for over 200 franchisees (Carmelo being one of them haha). I then ran my contracting business for 10 years, operating a multi-million-dollar business with multiple crews and now back to my painting roots. As the VP of operations, I oversee our corporate territory, our operations team that helps and supports our franchisees and play an integral role in the selection process of our new franchisees. Having been a franchisee and business owner before gives me a great perspective when supporting our franchisees!

One word that describes you: BUILDER

Jeremy Morgan

Jeremy Morgan


I have extensive background in coaching high performance in independent franchisees helping them achieve personal goals in business volume and profitability. Over the last decade, I have personally launched and trained over 300+ franchisees in the residential painting space across the US and Canada with a success rate of over 95%. It is very gratifying to know that you’ve paid a small part in helping an entrepreneur realize their dream of business ownership! Having additional decades worth of experience both as a franchisee and franchisor, instilled in me a deep appreciation for the owners that I have the privilege to serve. I understand the joys and trials of what they go through because I’ve lived it myself! I believe that learning is “doing” and that I, as a leadership professional, have a responsibility to empower those whom I work with to achieve their potential.

One word that describes you: ASSERTIVE


Peiman Arabi


I have master’s degree in polymer chemistry and have worked in the paint industry for my entire professional career both in R&D and manufacturing. As a manufacturing manager I oversaw the production of hundreds of thousands of gallons of paint and worked on process and formulation improvement. At Spray-Net since 2015, alongside our founder I have my name on our 3 patents. I am always on the look-out for new chemistries, better ways of doing things and improving both the durability and ease of application of our products. I especially enjoy launching new products as innovating is what we do best at Spray-Net!

One word that describes you: PROGRESSIVE


Gabriel Toupin


I met Carmelo when he was a CollegePro student painter when I was working at the paint store preparing his paint. A few years later, in 2012 I joined Spray-Net and have literally done it all! I started in after sales support, then sales for a few years where I personally sold for over $5M in revenue,
oversaw our corporate production teams, temporarily ran a franchise and most recently supporting franchisees. I’ve seen a lot and excited to share my experience with new franchise owners as we expand across North America!

One word that describes you: PASSIONATE


Jonathan Lampron


I have been working in customer service my entire life. I actually worked with Pat (our COO) at CollegePro running his operations before owning my own restaurant franchise. I love working with customers and helping my teams excel and reach their goals. At Spray-Net I ensure our customers are happy,
run our corporate production teams and help with onboarding new franchisees. My biggest satisfaction is seeing franchisees attain their goals through their hard work and determination.

One word that describes you: DETERMINED

Stephen Atchison

Stephen Atchison


I have spent my whole career in the Paint and Coatings Industry. I had the opportunity to teach at Williamson College of the Trades in their Paint and Coatings Program. Before then I held various positions in paint companies including launching my own business in 2015. I have a wide range of experience both in the technical aspects of painting as well as teaching and training. I look forward to working with the exceptional team assembled here at Spray Net. I define success as using one’s gifts and abilities to lift those around you, to the end that they then in turn become a success.

One word that describes you: DRIVEN

Christina Rowan

Christina Rowan


I have been working in customer service and relationship development for the past 15 years. I am passionate about helping others navigate different options in reaching their goals as well as being there to support them; it is extremely rewarding. Working at Spray-Net gives me the opportunity to work alongside an amazing team that will help me grow and acquire new skills.

One word that describes you: PATIENT

Bruce Seguin0

Bruce Seguin


I’ve been with Spray-Net since the summer of 2013. I began as a part time field technician while I was finishing my studies. By 2016, after having been promoted to team lead, I oversaw our corporate teams in one of our territories. This experience was vital to my current role as production field trainer for franchisees.

One word that describes you: STRAIGHTFORWARD


Leo Lombardi


I started my Spray-Net journey when my cousin and I started the first US franchise. I worked with the corporate team during this time on a couple of different projects. When they needed another trainer for the US they gave me a call and I have loved training new franchise owners ever since! The ability to pass down my knowledge and prepare new franchisees for success is so fulfilling. I love our product and am extremely passionate about Spray-Net!

One word that describes you: PASSIONATE


Elias Lekkas


Prior to Spray-Net I worked at Apple for 10 years while always having an interest in the home remodeling space. At SprayNet, I spent some time taking care of the customer experience before running a full-time production crew while doing sales. I’m happy and willing to transfer what I’ve learned to new franchisees in the onboarding process!

One word that describes you: ENERGY

Ethan Wallace

Ethan Wallace


My opportunity with Spray Net started in the fall of 2021, when I knocked on the door of Spray Net CEO, Carmelo. I was travelling Canada as a door-to-door salesperson for 7 years prior to meeting Carmelo, the experience I had gained from my prior work was immensely beneficial. Becoming a part of the team has allowed me to push myself, and others, in a positive way. With the infectious support here at Spray Net, there is no stopping franchise owners from success!

One word that describes you: TENACIOUS


Mathieu Bernard


Before joining the Spray-Net team I was working as an accountant for the external accounting firm that was handling the Spray-Net financial statements since 2016 so you could say I was part of the team since then. In my role as the external CPA I got to learn the business inside and out and happy to be a more integral part of the growth going forward!

One word that describes you: ADAPTABLE


Csilla Bacsfalusi


I started in 2016 as Customer Experience Manager building the customer service team and systems, while simultaneously working on the development of our internal custom software the Spray-Network. This transitioned to project management of Spray-Net’s software development, creating a basic framework for our continual development and reporting for both internal processes and franchise field and customer relations.

One word that describes you: INTUITIVE

Brittany Blackman

Brittany Blackman


I come from a franchise family in Central Florida where my family owned four different franchise brands and was one of the largest private employers with over 400 employees. As a professional, I’ve chosen to work in Franchise Development to assist candidates who are considering entrepreneurship and have found it immensely rewarding. I currently live in Florida with my son and am an avid tennis player

One word that describes you: PASSIONATE


David Garofano


I’ve been at Spray-Net since its inception and done it all! Started as a painter, promoted to team lead then manager of multiple teams. After that, I oversaw all the corporate teams and the distribution center where I ultimately landed and now run. I’ve seen and understand many different aspects of the company and look forward to growing the brand more in the US and expanding our warehouse & manufacturing facilities!

One word that describes you:METHODICAL

One word that describes you: METHODICAL

Nicholas Lopez

Nicholas Lopez


I started at Spray-Net in 2016 helping to build our distribution center from scratch. I have several years of experience in global logistics, warehousing and distribution as well as a green belt in lean six sigma with emphasis in continuous improvement and new technology implementation. I now oversee the distribution center and make sure to get the right product shipped out and top our franchisees in time for their jobs!

One word that describes you: IMPROVEMENT


William Reid


I’ve been with Spray-Net since 2013 where I started as field technician, then painter and ultimately a team lead. In 2017 I became interested in how we make our paint, learned from our in-house experts and am now the paint manufacturing manager. I have enjoyed working with our great team and am excited to see how much more we can grow.

One word that describes you: INITIATIVE


Rosa Firoozbahkt


I joined Spray-Net in 2016 and help the manufacturing team with custom color matches as well as quality control. I especially enjoy my role as a technician finding and testing new solutions to make our coatings more resistant and more user friendly!

One word that describes you: CURIOUS


Charlie Vecchio


After being in the restaurant business for 20+ years, I sold my business in 2012 and joined Spray-Net as our corporate territory general manager. This role taught me the ins and outs of the business and I eventually settled on my current role on our manufacturing team making paint for our franchisees!

One word that describes you: THOROUGH

Jason Mitchell

Jason Mitchell


I am excited to bring more than 15 years of upper management and executive leadership experience to the Spray-Net team. I have overseen all aspects of marketing in several prior roles from initial marketing plans to structured program development and growth. I received my honorable discharge from the United States Marine Corps in July of 1997. My most recent role prior to Spray-Net was as National Vice President of the Mobile Modular division of EZ-Access, a leader in the home and commercial accessibility space which serves several hundred VA Hospitals, supplies accessibility for countless school districts and supports a network of several hundred authorized dealers. I also bring franchise experience as a Regional Director with Next Day Access, a Franchisor in the home access and mobility space.

One word that describes you: DRIVEN

Beth Pawlicki

Beth Pawlicki


I love what I do! I have been in the franchising world for over 30 years in advertising and marketing with franchisees. It all started in 1996 in the franchising industry with MAACO Auto Painting as an account manager/media buyer, managing over 20 different media markets purchasing over $6 million a year in TV/Radio along with working closely with over 140 franchisees. For the past 10 years I have been working with CertaPro franchisees on developing marketing strategies for new owners in the start of their business. Most important is keeping them focused on strategic brand development along with building a strong marketing strategy on lead generation through all marketing channels and looking forward to doing the same at Spray-Net!

One word that describes you: STRATEGIST

Adriana Vasconcelos

Adriana Vasconcelos


I have over 15 years of experience in retail marketing, with a focus on trade marketing and shopper behavior. I have worked on both sides of the franchise industry – as a franchisor and a franchisee – so I have a unique perspective on translating global trends into successful campaigns that help franchisees thrive. I have an MBA and Masters in Retail Strategy, and what drives me is pushing local businesses to stay competitive in an ever-evolving market. Let us roll up our sleeves and get things done!

One word that describes you: HONESTY


Kaitlyn Cvejic


I started my Spray-Net journey in 2020 as part of the Customer Experience Team. I’ve always thrived in client facing roles, and most of my professional experience has been centered around client management. I enjoyed my time working in the call center as it allowed me to learn about our client base and internal operations. I later became the Customer Experience Manager, and I am now fortunate enough to work alongside an amazing team of fully remote call center agents! Working in client facing roles has its ups and downs, so our CX team always takes the time to check in with one another and make sure everyone feels supported in their roles.

One word that describes you: ADAPTABLE


Maude Jean


I love working at Spray-Net in my role as a customer service representative! My favorite part has to be the team, when you have a good work environment, I truly believe that reflects in your everyday performance. I have been working in customer service for 10 years now and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to broaden my skills and grow with Spray-Net!

One word that describes you: INSIGHTFUL


Being professional and having integrity are a given. These are the core values that make Spray-Net, Spray-Net.


Say hello to the micro-teams that help you run your business.


And they don’t just offer support. They get their hands dirty with you.


Running a painting business involves a lot of running around. Between juggling your customers, your jobs and your crew it’s easy to get lost, especially if you’re keeping track of everything on paper. The Spray-Network is the service-industry software we custom-designed for our business, so our franchise partners can get more done, in less time and with less headaches.



Using our experience running multiple corporate territories, the ops team’s job is to help you structure and run your individual Spray-Net franchise. The Ops Team will coach you on everything from paint application right down to calculating your labor costs.


  • Surface Prep & Paint Application: they’ll teach you how to paint the Spray-Net way and the proper techniques and procedures to deliver an on-site factory finish to homeowners.
  • Business Operations: based on how many territories you’re operating and your financial goals, the ops team will coach you on which key roles to fill, how many people you need to hire and how to structure your team. They’ll help set you up to maintain lean unit-level economics and healthy profit margins.



While searching different franchise opportunities, you’ll notice that traditional franchise systems take care of all of the national marketing, but leave all of the local stuff to you. The Marketing team are marketing specialist, so leave it ALL up to them.


  • Digital Marketing: search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, business directories, social media, blogging. Would you know where to start? That’s why the Marketing Team takes care of all of your online marketing campaigns, including designing and maintaining your local franchise landing page on our website.
  • Traditional Marketing: direct mail, magazine ads, newspaper advertorials, tv commercials… again, the Marketing team will design and print stellar print has got you covered.
  • Coordination: Have a home show coming up in your territory? Let the Marketing Team take care of the logistics. You just worry about showing up.

Customer Experience


Your days are busy enough with heading from consultation to consultation and executing your jobs. Imagine if you had to answer every single incoming customer call and email? Don’t worry, the Customer Experience team wouldn’t do that to you.


  • Calls & Emails: the Customer Experience team manages all of your incoming calls and emails. They know our business inside and out, so they’ll handle all questions about our service, our products, how it works and more. The only follow-ups you have to manage are about pricing and after-sales.
  • Scheduling: using the Spray-Network, the Customer Experience team will book all of your service-calls. Thanks to your custom service-call algorithm, you don’t have to worry about not having enough time to complete your consultations or wasted drive time. They have all the info they need to optimize your day.



The Distribution team creates and maintains strategic vendor partnerships for you, so you get everything you need in one place, at a cost-effective price and on time.


  • Paint Orders: the Spray-Network sends your paint orders right to the Distribution Team. After we’ve developed your coatings, they make sure you receive them just in time for your jobs.
  • Smart Shipping: the perks of manning their own distribution center means the team can load all the things you order, like paint, supplies and marketing material, onto your local palette. Instead of sporadic shipments, you get bundled shipments at a more affordable cost.



The R&D team leads innovation. They take care of optimizing existing products and developing new ones to continuously offer homeowners unique, cost-effective renovation solutions.


  • Product Testing & Quality Control: The R&D team makes sure all of the Spray-Net coatings you use consistently meet their requirements for application and final properties.
  • Product Development: whether it’s to make a coating more breathable or UV resistant, leave the challenges to the R&D team… they love it!

Other ways we support our franchisees (the newbies and the vets).

Initial & On-Going Training: 


As a first order of business, you’ll learn the basics about our unique coatings, how to apply them and how to approach your first jobs. Then, we’ll send an on-site trainer and sales consultant to your territory to accompany you during your first service-calls and jobs. During the season, we’ll schedule another visit to your territory where we can tailor your second round of training according to where you are on the learning curve.

Here’s a little preview of what Part 1 of your initial Spray-Net Training looks like:

Ramp-Up Team:


Each micro-team will follow you closely during your first year in business to ramp up your operations and sales through a combination of different tactics: on-site visits and training, bi-weekly status calls, weekly lead analyses and much more.


Franchise Advisory Council:


The FAC gives our franchisees a voice. Through your elected regional representative, you’ll play a role in the creation of system-wide procedures and projects.

Annual Conference & Workshops:


At the end of every season, we gather our franchisees and support center and fly to a cool destination to share best practices, sharpen some skills and go over plans for the next season.


Continuous Learning & Training:


Our e-learning platform gives you anytime access to training videos and educational material even after your initial training. Keep learning as you need to, at your own pace and on your own schedule.