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And they don’t just offer support. They get their hands dirty with you.


Running a painting business involves a lot of running around. Between juggling your customers, your jobs and your crew it’s easy to get lost, especially if you’re keeping track of everything on paper. The Spray-Network is the service-industry software we custom-designed for our business, so our franchise partners can get more done, in less time and with less headaches.



Using our experience running multiple corporate territories, the ops team’s job is to help you structure and run your individual Spray-Net franchise. The Ops Team will coach you on everything from paint application right down to calculating your labor costs.


  • Surface Prep & Paint Application: they’ll teach you how to paint the Spray-Net way and the proper techniques and procedures to deliver an on-site factory finish to homeowners.
  • Business Operations: based on how many territories you’re operating and your financial goals, the ops team will coach you on which key roles to fill, how many people you need to hire and how to structure your team. They’ll help set you up to maintain lean unit-level economics and healthy profit margins.



While searching different franchise opportunities, you’ll notice that traditional franchise systems take care of all of the national marketing, but leave all of the local stuff to you. The Marketing team are marketing specialist, so leave it ALL up to them.


  • Digital Marketing: search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, business directories, social media, blogging. Would you know where to start? That’s why the Marketing Team takes care of all of your online marketing campaigns, including designing and maintaining your local franchise landing page on our website.
  • Traditional Marketing: direct mail, magazine ads, newspaper advertorials, tv commercials… again, the Marketing team will design and print stellar print has got you covered.
  • Coordination: Have a home show coming up in your territory? Let the Marketing Team take care of the logistics. You just worry about showing up.

Customer Experience


Your days are busy enough with heading from consultation to consultation and executing your jobs. Imagine if you had to answer every single incoming customer call and email? Don’t worry, the Customer Experience team wouldn’t do that to you.


  • Calls & Emails: the Customer Experience team manages all of your incoming calls and emails. They know our business inside and out, so they’ll handle all questions about our service, our products, how it works and more. The only follow-ups you have to manage are about pricing and after-sales.
  • Scheduling: using the Spray-Network, the Customer Experience team will book all of your service-calls. Thanks to your custom service-call algorithm, you don’t have to worry about not having enough time to complete your consultations or wasted drive time. They have all the info they need to optimize your day.



The Distribution team creates and maintains strategic vendor partnerships for you, so you get everything you need in one place, at a cost-effective price and on time.


  • Paint Orders: the Spray-Network sends your paint orders right to the Distribution Team. After we’ve formulated your coatings, they make sure you receive them just in time for your jobs.
  • Smart Shipping: the perks of manning their own distribution center means the team can load all the things you order, like paint, supplies and marketing material, onto your local palette. Instead of sporadic shipments, you get bundled shipments at a more affordable cost.



The R&D team leads innovation. They take care of optimizing existing products and developing new ones to continuously offer homeowners unique, cost-effective renovation solutions.


  • Product Testing & Quality Control: The R&D team makes sure all of the Spray-Net coatings you use consistently meet their requirements for application and final properties.
  • Product Development: whether it’s to make a coating more breathable or UV resistant, leave the chemistry to the R&D team… they love it!

Other ways we support our franchisees (the newbies and the vets).

Initial & On-Going Training: 


As a first order of business, you’ll learn the basics about our unique coatings, how to apply them and how to approach your first jobs. Then, we’ll send an on-site trainer and sales consultant to your territory to accompany you during your first service-calls and jobs. During the season, we’ll schedule another visit to your territory where we can tailor your second round of training according to where you are on the learning curve.

Here’s a little preview of what Part 1 of your initial Spray-Net Training looks like:

Ramp-Up Team:


Each micro-team will follow you closely during your first year in business to ramp up your operations and sales through a combination of different tactics: on-site visits and training, bi-weekly status calls, weekly lead analyses and much more.


Franchise Advisory Council:


The FAC gives our franchisees a voice. Through your elected regional representative, you’ll play a role in the creation of system-wide procedures and projects.

Annual Conference & Workshops:


At the end of every season, we gather our franchisees and support center and fly to a cool destination to share best practices, sharpen some skills and go over plans for the next season.


Continuous Learning & Training:


Our e-learning platform gives you anytime access to training videos and educational material even after your initial training. Keep learning as you need to, at your own pace and on your own schedule.