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4 Myths and Realities of Owning a Franchise

Opening a franchise and starting a business from scratch both have their pros and cons, but what many people don’t realize is that many of the cons they hear about franchises are actually false. If you are interested in a fast food, retail, or even a house painting franchise, don’t let myths steer you away. Here are four common misconceptions about franchises and what the truths really are.

It’s Less About the Brand and More About the Value

Many people believe that buying the most well-known brand is the best opportunity; however, it is less about the name on the sign and more about the value the brand brings to the customers and if the brand’s values align with yours. Take Spray-Net as an example. This house painting franchise is not the biggest or flashiest in the industry, but what they focus on is the value they bring to the customers and the values they hold true as a brand. Spray-Net takes extra measures to ensure that each and every prospective franchisee has similar principles as the brand. This creates a stronger relationship between the franchisor and franchisee that is often not able to be replicated by other brands.

It is also important to look at what the brand offers for the investment. Look for a brand that is dedicated to the training and support you need to have an easy and successful opening.

How Much Money It Costs Vs. How Much You Can Make

A lower investment for a franchisee may mean a lower investment of time and resources from the brand. A common myth about franchising is that it is right to invest in something lower in price. Although this may be true for a few franchise opportunities out there, more often than not, if there is an investment that is significantly less than others in the same industry, you may be investing in something that will not cover the things you need to be successful.

On the other hand, if the investment is really high, there may be costs and fees that are unnecessary for a franchise. Both sides of the spectrum can have their pros and cons when it comes to franchising. What a good investment really comes down to is what the money is going toward and how much ROI you can expect to see. Companies like Spray-Net make sure prospects know exactly what they can expect when they open a franchise, because no one wants to invest in a house painting franchise or any other opportunity blindly.

Owning a Franchise Means More Work for Less Credit

Many people think that owning a franchise means doing all the work and someone else gets the credit. However, this is not true. Owning a franchise means you are making an investment not only in a business, but also in yourself. A franchise comes with a trusted brand name on your sign, an established business model, training, support, and other benefits that a small business simply won’t provide. Your success is up to you, but a franchise brand can help you get there.

In addition to having all of these benefits, you also have the freedom to work for yourself. The franchisor does not run the business for you, but with the time-tested business models, established structures, technology and products specific to the brand, and more, you know you are in a much better position than going into business alone.

A House Painting Franchise Is Not Profitable

The home improvement industry is growing year after year, and house painting is an extremely large portion of that. When people think of exterior painting, they may not always think of franchising opportunities. But Spray-Net is changing the way we think about house painting franchises. They have a competitive edge in the industry because of the exclusive products they create through patented processes and their strong support system for franchisees.

This house painting franchise opportunity also comes with the Spray-Network. This proprietary software is designed specifically for Spray-Net and allows franchisees to create proposals, order supplies, check the productivity of their team, and more to keep their business running to its fullest potential. Depending on the investor’s business goals, Spray-Net offers opportunities to run a smaller business or run multiple teams in different territories. The possibilities are endless for a house painting franchise, and you get started with your own today.

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