Starting a new painting business

Get in on the Next Big Thing by Starting a New Painting Business

If you are thinking about starting a new painting business, that means you have discovered just how lucrative that the painting industry is, and its place in the broader home improvement market. Painting businesses are on the rise, which makes it a competitive market for a stand-alone painting business. Fortunately, there are franchise opportunities out there that are not only well-established in the industry but are revolutionizing it. Find out why a franchise may be the best way to go about starting a new painting business and what options are out there for you.

Why a Painting Business?

The painting industry is growing rapidly. In fact, the House Painting Guide discovered that the industry is expected to grow to over $30 billion by 2021. Now may be the best time to get involved with a painting business, and there are two ways to go about it. There is always the option of starting a new painting business on your own, but what many entrepreneurs don’t realize is there are many risks associated with starting a business from scratch. To start, you have to spend time creating a business model that works. This could take up a lot of resources and valuable time that could be spent elsewhere. With a franchise, you know you have a business model that works because other franchises are using it. In addition, you have training and support behind you to help you through the twists and turns of the industry. We also handle the marketing aspect of the business for our franchisees and generate most of their leads. This, combined with the training and support, can eliminate a significant amount of stress that typically comes with a new business venture.

Join One of the Best

When you choose a franchisor, the best. “The best” does not mean the most locations or the cheapest investment – what it really means is the value. For example, Spray-Net is a top painting franchise because it has a competitive advantage over so many others in the industry. Spray-Net is a younger franchise on the market, but we have locations all across North America that are very successful. Our approach is different than that of our competitors – we make our own custom formulations and have brought technology into the exterior painting process to make the process even simpler along the way. Platforms like our Spray-Network have streamlined several of our processes and systems. We proactively communicate with our franchisees, and we can support them when it comes to finding leads. These technological advances are revolutionizing the exterior painting industry, and we are the first ones to do it.

The Cost of Starting a New Painting Business

Starting any new business requires a significant investment, but compared to starting a new painting business on your own, franchising with Spray-Net is a great value. An exterior painting franchise through Spray-Net requires an initial investment of $123,000 to $143,000 and comes with training, support, access to software like the Spray-Network, equipment, and more to help you get started on the right foot with a new painting business franchise. Furthermore, it’s easier to make an educated guess about your potential for profit when you’ve reviewed the performance of our existing franchises. We believe in being as transparent as possible with our franchisees at every stage in the process.

As a millennial franchisor, we recognize that information is important to make the best decision for you. We are a newer concept, so we constantly take into consideration feedback from our franchisees so that we can deliver the best services possible and be there for our franchisees effectively. We also recognize that some prospects may feel they do not have all the liquidity required to open the franchise that is right for them, so we work with them to find the financing they need with our partners that are in both the United States and Canada depending on where you are opening.

Why Spray-Net?

A brand is only as strong as its franchise owners, which is why we make sure we provide them with many resources to help them start off strong. We have a five-part training program that is done at both our headquarters and at your location so that you have plenty of hands-on learning and help with sales before you even get started. In addition, you won’t need to lease a storefront. Most of our work is done on job sites, so we decided there was no point in having franchise owners spend more than they have to. All our franchisees need is a place to store their equipment and an approved company vehicle, and they can work from the comfort of their own home.

At Spray-Net, we make sure our franchisees are taken care of, from the moment they decide they want to invest and through the stages of growing their business. We are constantly there for our franchisees, whether it is finding leads, creating custom products for different surfaces, and helping with marketing. We are revolutionizing the exterior painting industry and are proving to be one of the best opportunities out there for young investors.

If you are interested in starting a new painting business with one of the best brands in the industry, request more information about Spray-Net!

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