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How to Convert Your Current Painting Business into a Spray-Net Franchise

The home improvement industry has shown a lot of success over the years because more and more people are remodeling their exteriors. What this means is that entrepreneurs who are looking to invest should be seeing a lot of success, so why are so many painting businesses falling short or never reaching their potential? There are many factors that can contribute to a painting business, or any home improvement business, falling through the cracks, which is why now may be the time to consider converting your painting business into a franchise.

The Benefits of Converting Your Painting Business

Painting franchise brands like Spray-Net take pride in what they do, and what they can provide to business owners who make the switch. We offer a time-tested business model and patented processes, which create products that can’t be found anywhere else. Our weather additives even allow us to operate more efficiently than the average painting business – many jobs can even get done in one day!

When you go into business alone, there is no one there to train you or help you along the way. With a franchise, you invest in a training program that will provide industry insight and ongoing support to make sure you are on a path that is more apt for success. At Spray-Net, we even take care of any national-level marketing you may need, which can generate a large portion of your business. With our help, you can focus more on the day-to-day operations of your franchise and bringing quality services and products to your customers.

Understanding the Industry

The home improvement industry is growing due to an increase in people wanting to remodel the exteriors of their home and a rise in mortgage rates. When it comes to exterior surfaces, people are searching for painting services that will last and provide the factory finish they want without breaking the bank. This is why they turn to Spray-Net. From our proprietary products and patented processes to our tech-savvy approach and “no middle man” motto, we provide exterior painting services that no one else can match, and we train all of our franchisees to best represent us and bring these qualities to customers all across North America.

To ensure that our franchisees know everything they need to know about our model and the home improvement industry, we provide an in-depth training program and ongoing support to help them establish themselves in a competitive industry. Our training program features four different parts over the course of three weeks. We have created a balance between classroom and hands-on learning, so the first few portions are taught right at our headquarters, and the last two portions are in the franchisee’s territory on-site.

What Does the Investment Look Like?

Spray-Net exterior painting franchises are a worthwhile investment because they do not require a store of any kind. Since most of the operations and jobs are done at the customers’ houses, franchisees only need transportation to get their products and supplies to the location and a place to keep them.

Our investment comes with everything you need to convert your painting business into a franchise. From the training and support to the exclusive access to our proprietary software, the Spray-Network, and products that cannot be found anywhere else, franchisees know that they are investing in something different that can provide an advantage in the industry.

In addition to these, you also get our “no middleman” motto that eliminates the need for multiple suppliers, developers, and manufacturers, and combines them all through the Spray-Net corporation. This makes the processes of running a painting business easy because you can focus on getting your jobs done well while we create and distribute custom paints for you to use.

How Much You Can Make by Converting Your Painting Business?

Although everyone makes a different amount, our research suggests that our technologically-based practices, the “no middleman” motto, and the scalable business model can help profitability by a lot. Our estimates show that franchisees can make, on average, over $640,000 in about three years. Although this number is different for everyone, it shows you just how successful you can be by converting your painting business.

Find out how you can become part of the Spray-Net brand by converting your painting franchise by contacting us today.

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