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Our Team Gets Our Hands Dirty with You: Ways We Support Our Franchisees

When you invest in a Spray-Net franchise, you are really investing in a team. We built our franchise model around teamwork and forming a comradery with the people we work with. Whether it’s the coach from Spray-Net who is guiding you through all the steps of running your franchise or the employees who work with you, the best way to see success with your painting business is through teamwork. We are always there to help you with your franchise, and we are not afraid to get our hands dirty with you to keep you on course to achieve your business dreams. Here are some ways we support our franchisees through it all, and how we can help you with your Spray-Net franchise.

What Separates Spray-Net from All Other Opportunities

We are dedicated to quality – both in our products and in our brand. This means we offer products that cannot be found anywhere else and implement the “no middleman motto” for our franchisees. We serve as the manufacturer, the supplier of all materials needed to complete a job, so we know the products we use for exterior transformations are up to par and our franchisees can benefit from a one-stop shop for their paint and supplies.

In addition to the services we sell to customers, we are also dedicated to who we sell our brand to. We make sure we find franchisees who share similar values as us before they invest, so they know they have made the best choice for them and we know they have a passion for their new business. In the first year, every new owner needs to get their hands dirty in the painting business they’ve invested in. A Spray-Net franchise is no different. Although our proprietary software makes tasks easier in the day-to-day processes, franchise owners are still responsible for getting their team up and running and overseeing everything in the preliminary jobs. As the years progress though, franchisees may have the opportunity to be more hands-off with the laborious work and more involved in the business aspect.

How Much Does a Spray-Net Franchise Cost?

Like every franchise, there is an initial investment that must be paid to cover everything you will need to get your franchise started. The franchise fee is fixed, though it is reduced for veterans who are looking for an exciting new career.

The investment is broken down into several different categories that cover things like training, support, equipment, initial marketing, and more that helps you get your painting business started. One of the biggest draws that separates our investment from many others in the home improvement industry is that we do not require a storefront. This makes our investment a lot lower because our franchisees can work from home and only need a place to keep their supplies – the jobs are all done onsite.

Our Unwavering Painting Business Support System

Here at Spray-Net, we have developed a business model that has been proven to work for franchisees. Our up-to-date research and innovative processes for exterior painting have enabled us to be a forward-thinking business opportunity to anyone looking to work hard, be part of a team, get their hands a little dirty in their business, and work for themselves with ample support behind them to help.

We offer countless support both through our coaching program and the Spray-Network. This proprietary software was created specifically for Spray-Net franchises, and it can do it all. This software allows you to access job proposals, leads, marketing insight, and more to improve day-to-day operations and make them accessible on a user-friendly dashboard. It also has the function to help franchisees track the productivity of their team.

Whether you’re a veteran, a salesman, a business executive, or someone passionate about people, if you are looking for a business venture that offer support and the ability to work with a team, we may be the perfect opportunity for you.

If you are considering a painting business for your next investment, visit our website to learn more about a Spray-Net franchise opportunity.

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