The Ideal Candidate

If you’ve been considering starting a painting franchise, you might be wondering if you have the right credentials to jump into the industry. You might be surprised to learn that when you start a Spray Net painting franchise, you don’t need much of a background in painting or home improvement. Our franchise partners come from a variety of backgrounds, and we’re excited to welcome franchisees from many different professions to our company. Let’s take a closer look at some of the criteria we do look for in our ideal candidates.

Enthusiastic About Our Business Model


Spray Net has been fine-tuning our business model since 2010, and with nearly a decade of experience we understand what it takes to get one of our franchises going strong. When you run a franchise, your success is largely in your hands. We provide you with the tools you need to run your business, but it’s up to you to follow our policies and procedures and take initiative to identify new customers. We’ve found that our franchisees who are enthusiastic about our business model (and who are excited about networking and promoting their business in their community) are better-positioned for growth. We want our franchisees to feel free to make important decisions independently, but franchisees who are looking to throw out the rule book altogether may not be suited to run a Spray Net painting franchise. If you’re looking for a well-established franchise model that you can implement to grow your business, Spray Net might be for you.

Financially Qualified

As with any new business, starting a Spray Net painting franchise requires a significant financial investment. It’s important that our franchisees are well-equipped to make this investment so that they can comfortably nurture their new business. That’s why we ask that our franchisees have a net worth of $200,000.


An investment in a Spray Net painting franchise can cost between $132,000 – $184,500. We’ve done our best to include just about everything you’ll need to get your business up and running in this figure. When entrepreneurs open a new business independently, they are often surprised by unexpected costs. We want you to make your investment with confidence that we’ve anticipated just what you’ll need to start painting houses as soon as you open your doors – we’ve even included marketing expenses in your initial investment!


Having a net worth of at least $200,000 will allow you to more comfortably manage your investment in a Spray Net painting franchise. While no one can predict exactly how any franchise will perform, we’ve found that many of our franchises grow rapidly within the first four years. Our franchisees should be well-prepared to live comfortably during this initial time while their business is still establishing itself.

Good People Skills

A Spray Net painting franchise owner needs the people skills to deal with customers and service providers alike. Great customer service is one of the cornerstones of our business, so it’s important that our franchisees are comfortable working with people, and are dedicated to ensuring a great customer experience every time. Furthermore, our franchisees are responsible for managing teams of service providers who go out to paint houses. Franchisees who have a background in management and who are comfortable running a team may find that it’s easier for them to keep their business running smoothly.

These are just a few of the qualities that Spray Net looks for in the ideal candidates to run our painting franchises. Contact us today to tell us more about your background! We’re excited to tell you more about the job skills our franchisees rely on every day.