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Don’t Live to Work, but Work to Live: Work for Yourself by Opening a Franchise

Starting a new painting business with Spray-Net is a great way to shake up your career and enjoy some of the independence that goes along with entrepreneurship. If you’ve been working in the corporate world and are tired of working the typical 9-5 job, franchising might be just the answer for you. You don’t need to be an expert in painting in order to open a franchise with us, and we’ve worked hard to develop a wide range of tools that are intended to make it as comprehensive as possible to run one of our franchises.

A Comparatively Low Investment for Starting a New Painting Business

Just like opening any business venture, starting a new painting business requires some sort investment on the part of the franchisee, although it is much less than a concept like QSR. There are a lot of painting franchise opportunities out there, and you may find that a Spray-Net exterior painting franchise offers a better quality investment than a lot of them. Our franchise owners don’t need to invest in costly lease agreements since they have a lot flexibility in terms of the location of their warehousing. This helps us keep the costs to own a franchise competitive with other franchisors and more reasonable than starting a new painting business from scratch. When you start a business from scratch, you won’t have access to the quality products we product and you would be limited to the commercial products that are available. We’ve worked to develop a turnkey model, meaning your investment will cover just about everything you’ll need to get your business up and running, including the equipment to start painting, marketing on a national level, and the training to manage your franchise.

Work on Your Own Time, For Your Own Gain

Employees work for a larger entity, for a set salary, for someone else’s profit and most likely not even their own. They need to work on a schedule that’s set for them from a higher up, rarely having the leniency for things like family time or important personal events.

Starting a new painting business with Spray-Net is different. Our franchisees can decide for themselves what schedule works best. If they’d like to be free to pick up kids from school or attend family functions, they can set office hours to enable them to do so. Best of all, you’ll be working for yourself. When your business is performing well, you’ll enjoy a greater share of the profits.

Enjoy Independence with the Guidance of an Experienced Company

One of the drawbacks of starting an independent business is that owners have no training or support prior to the business opening. They need to decide what type of business to operate, develop the most effective policies and procedures they can, find reliable vendors, and so forth. When you choose to invest a franchise with Spray-Net, you can look forward to our guidance when it comes to these considerations and more. We have developed and perfected a proprietary software call the Spray-Network that has become an all-access tool for franchisees to utilize. This makes many of the day-to-day matters easy from quoting proposals to accepting jobs and even scheduling your jobs to maximize efficiency. Since 2014, we’ve been helping our franchisees offer our unique blend of quality workmanship and innovative technologies to the customers we serve. Let us guide you as you break into your new career.

These are just a few reasons that starting a new painting business is cost-effective and simplified when you partner with Spray-Net. Contact us today to learn more about the process of becoming a franchisee!

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