Our Story

Curb appeal is our passion.
Chemistry is how we made it happen.

Our story started with a simple question…

“Why can’t you paint my vinyl windows?”


Fun fact: before creating Spray-Net, Carmelo Marsala was a College Pro franchisee. One day during one of his jobs, his customer asked him if he could paint his vinyl windows. Limited to off-the-shelf products and a brush and roller, he couldn’t. He knew the finish would look streaky and would eventually peel and chip. He then thought, “if brand-new siding, doors and windows were painted, but just in a factory, there must be a way to bring that factory finish and durability outside and on-site.” So, Carmelo went to work and Spray-Net was born!

He started building a team and met with paint chemists and formulators to figure out how to deliver a factory finish outside the controlled environment of the factory. And not just for doors and windows. But for a bunch of different exterior surfaces. This way, homeowners could get that flawless look and superior durability without having to pay to replace everything.

We faced two major obstacles. First, the product. Factory coatings are customized to the surface being painted. So, we needed a custom coating for each surface we wanted to renew. Second, the painting environment itself. A factory allows you to create optimal conditions for painting. Real life? Not so much. Since we can’t control the environment we paint in, we had to figure out a way to adjust the paint to real-time weather conditions. We were looking for products that didn’t exist, so we had to create them ourselves to achieve what we wanted to do.

Of course, we went through a lot of trial and error. Eventually, we got the chemistry just right. The last step was to develop the intelligence, The Spray-Network, to help us adjust our paint formulations on-site, in real time according to the weather parameters of the day. With smarter chemistry, we optimized painting.

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Our Vision, Mission & Values.

We don’t stop and won’t stop when it comes to innovating smarter, cost-effective solutions for homeowners to revamp their homes. If you’re not one for challenging the status quo, a Spray-Net franchise ain’t for you. After all, we’d still be painting with a brush and roller if we didn’t. 

We’re inquisitive. We’re curious. Using science and technology, we’re all about finding new and better ways to renovate.


    To use science to formulate smart, sustainable renovation solutions that make our customers, our franchise partners and our planet happy!



    To create the perfect fusion of science & style… and for homeowners to realize: You can paint it. You can replace it. Or you can Spray-Net it.



No pass to plays in our values.

When drafting our core values, we wanted to make sure there was no fluff. Buzzwords like customer satisfaction, integrity and professionalism didn’t make the cut. These are are all really important, but they’re the basics that every business should have. And if you’re not committed to the basics, you shouldn’t even be in business. These are the unique and honest values that make Spray-Net… well, Spray-Net!


Fast. We hate waste of any kind because there’s literally no time for it. We harness our energy into being relentlessly adaptable and efficient to get the job done (and done properly). We believe that a wrong decision is better than making no decision at all. There are regular years, dog years and then Spray-Net years!
“Continuous improvement is always better than delayed perfection.” – Mark Twain. 

Upfront & Real.

We use a no-nonsense approach to setting honest and clear expectations. We prefer being upfront to prevent surprises and frustration.
“Transparency is the new objectivity.” – David Weinberger.


We dig deep to exhaust all possibilities in our pursuit of continuous improvement. New ideas go through a scientific approach to objectively conclude whether we were right, need to optimize or consider new variables. Our curiosity to better understand the way things work guides us toward innovation. When so many unknowns are involved, the only way to find a solution is to try something new!
“It’s the little things that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”John Wooden


We are open-minded to the fact that we can always learn something new from anyone! We believe that ego has no place in a high-performing team.
“A true genius admits that he/she knows nothing.” Albert Einstein


Create Value.

The best situations are those where everyone wins. We believe in creating value in everything that we do: with our customers, our franchise partners and our team.  
“Win-Win is a belief in the third alternative. It’s not your way or my way; it’s a better way, a higher way.” -Stephen R. Covey


 We are open-minded about using unconventional methods to achieve a desired result in an ever changing world. We believe that as new information is made available, change is our responsibility. If we work together, there’s always a better way.
“It is not the strongest that survive, but rather, those that are most adaptable to change.” -Charles Darwin