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Get in on the Growth of the Exterior Painting Industry

More and more people are investing in the upkeep of their exterior surfaces, which has been greatly attributing to the success of the exterior painting industry. Exterior painting can add a lot of value to a person’s home, and franchises like Spray-Net are offering services and products that can provide a factory-like finish on many of their homes’ surfaces. Here is why you should get in on the growth of the exterior painting industry and why a franchise may be an ideal opportunity for you.

Exciting Trends in the Home Improvement and Painting Industry

The Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) determined that homeowner spending on remodeling projects, which includes exterior painting, will approach about $340 billion in 2018. More and more people across North America are investing money into home improvements, which means now is the time to invest in an opportunity that offers a greater potential for profit and the support that you want in order to get started on the right foot.

Furthermore, the niche painting industry within home improvement as a whole is projected to be worth $30 billion by 2021. What this means is that the painting industry makes up a large portion of the profitability in the home improvement sector. Painting franchises offer a great way to get into the industry, with the assurance that there is a brand behind you to help secure clientele, market yourself, answer any questions you have about your franchise, and more.

The Benefits of Franchising

Although starting a business from scratch may sound like the best option for the painting industry, it can actually cost a lot more in the end. With your own paint shop, you are responsible for everything from finding customers to buying the right paint from the right distributors. This can be extremely time-consuming, and businesses can still fall short due to competition from franchises like Spray-Net.

There are many benefits to franchising, but one of the most important is making sure you franchise with the right brand. Spray-Net has had tremendous success with franchisees in the exterior painting industry. We offer a technological approach to painting, which customers love, in addition to our proprietary products and software. Our Spray-Network is a comprehensive software platform that every franchisee uses to simplify their operations.

What Is the Spray-Network?

The Spray-Network is a proprietary software that we have developed for all our franchisees to use. It gives franchisees their numbers, sales performance, statistics on how their teams are doing, and customer satisfaction reports. Our Spray-Network makes running a painting business easy by having a convenient place to manage several operations and collect data for the brand, which can help us better understand the needs of your franchise and how we can support you.

How Can I Get Started with a Spray-Net Franchise?

Once you decide that franchising is the best way to get involved in the painting industry, you can contact us for more information. We want to learn more about you to determine if you are an ideal candidate for our brand. Not all franchisees have home improvement or painting experience. In fact, many who come from a sales or management background have the capability of thriving with an exterior painting franchise.

After we connect and go through the process of determining if a Spray-Net franchise is right for you, we will move on to discussing the investment. This painting franchise investment comes with several programs and resources to help candidates get started in the painting industry with confidence. Our training program goes above and beyond other franchises’ because we combine both in-house learning at our headquarters as well as hands-on learning in your territory. By teaching you in both classroom and real-world settings, we can help you retain and reflect on the knowledge you need for a Spray-Net franchise. In addition, if you come from a background of little-to-no experience, this training can help you learn more about our products, processes, and services, so you know what to expect on your first jobs.

If you want to learn more about the painting industry and how Spray-Net franchises stand out, check out our frequently asked questions.

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