We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions potential franchise partners have asked us to give you all the information you need about our renovation franchise. If you don’t see your question below, share it with us and we’ll add it to the list!

Business & industry

What surfaces do you paint?

We will paint any surface that we can confidently back by our 15-year warranty. This includes aluminum, vinyl, and fiber cement siding as well as vinyl and aluminum doors


and windows. We also recoat stucco and stain brick. We do not paint interior walls, previously painted surfaces or wood surfaces that can be done using conventional paint.

Who is Spray-Net’s main competition?

We’ve managed to carve out a previously unserved niche in the painting industry and why we were able to patent our processes along the way. Spray-Net is a new kind of paint finish that doesn’t require maintenance or repainting 2-5 years down the line. A durable factory finish that won’t peel and that looks just-like-new… not repainted. We are a painting business that doesn’t actually compete against conventional painters because of very few of the surfaces that we coat overlap with a regular brush and roller painting. Some homeowners, however, will opt to replace their doors, windows, and siding but only if they really want to change the architectural style of their home for 3-5 times the price of our service. At a fraction of the price of replacement and only slightly more expensive than a conventional painting business; the Spray-Net service just makes sense!

Where did the idea come from?

Our founder began a conventional painting business and became tired of competing against anyone with access to a brush and roller. Ultimately these painters are also competing against the homeowners who could do it themselves and essentially purchasing time. We did not want to be another commodity in the painting industry but, instead, deliver a service that no one else could offer.


Today we pride ourselves on painting the “unpaintable” and delivering factory quality results and durability on-site backed by an unparalleled warranty in the painting industry. We are changing the way homeowners renovate across North America and creating value for our franchise partners while doing so.

How many months during the year can I operate this business? Under what conditions can you paint?

As long as the conditions are above freezing point, we can paint! In colder climates, this means around 6 to 7 months of painting; and in warmer climates, the possibility of year-round painting.


Our weather-adjustable formulations provide our partners with much more flexibility than generic latex paint. While we can weather-adjust our paint to cope with varying levels of heat, humidity, and wind, we avoid painting in extremely hot and humid temperatures since this can have an effect on our ability to deliver a successful factory finish.


During the off-season, our corporate team works on marketing and sales development. This gives our franchise partners the time to relax and enjoy the holidays with their families or go on vacation! For our more ambitious franchisees who are able to get a good grasp on the exterior work, we have an interior division that we operate.

What’s the difference between Spray-Net and a regular painter?

Simple: our application technique and our proprietary process and techniques, which together deliver permanent factory results. We offer more than an exterior painting service—we offer homeowners an exterior renovation solution that allows them to save on the unnecessary cost of completely replacing their siding, doors, and windows. We deliver a permanent and durable factory finish that looks like-new… not repainted. Everyone has their specialty, and this is ours.


Most regular painters don’t do much exterior work and when they do, they mostly paint wood, which is something we don’t do. Majority of them also don’t paint vinyl and aluminum doors and windows, which means their customers have to pay to replace them. What we do vs. conventional painting companies only has a small overlap. Where we do overlap, we are only slightly more expensive but with an array of added benefits making us the obvious choice!


We give our customers a true alternative to replacement but for a fraction of the cost! For these reasons, some of our franchise partners have converted their painting companies into a Spray-Net franchise!

I still don’t understand how you can offer a permanent exterior paint job. How is this possible?

Well, when you purchase a brand-new black door or siding, it was actually previously painted in a factory. No one even asks or considers whether this brand-new door will peel! When most people think of exterior painting, they think of the brush and roller application of latex products. This type of paint job has a short life-span, requires maintenance and runs the risk of peeling and chipping. With the help of our experienced specialists, we’ve essentially tailored the factory approach for on-site exterior spray application to deliver it directly on-site.


This offers the same factory finish and durability that you’d get from new siding, doors, and windows for a permanent exterior painting solution and for a fraction of the cost of replacement.


Our proprietary software lets our applicators know how to adjust the paint directly on-site based on weather conditions and one of our patented processes.

Are your products patented?

We hold two international patents on our custom-tailored coating approach. The first is on the process of weather adjusting our coatings to ensure long-term durability and the second is on the process that allows us to completely customize our coatings to the specific surface. Our coatings are the result of completely customized process for the weather on the day of application, the surface being revamped as well as the color chosen. This is what allows us to deliver on our promise of an on-site factory finish and durability, backed by an unparalleled warranty.

I’m sold! How long before I can launch my spray-net painting franchise?

Starting a Spray-Net franchise, like starting any business, is a life-changing decision. We’ve had some franchise partners complete the whole process in less than a month and some who have taken as long as 3 months due to consulting with third parties such as lawyers, accountants, and consultants. Although it may seem long, proper due diligence is absolutely necessary for both parties.


Once you’ve filled out your initial application and we’ve had our initial discovery call, we send you our franchise disclosure document and franchise agreement before flying out to meet our team; seeing is believing! This is an important decision and you need to be confident that you’ve made the right one in order to fully commit to your new business! For more info on becoming a Spray-Net partner, click here!

Exclusive territories

How do you determine your exclusive territories?

Our territories aren’t based on population. They’re based on the pertinent variables of our business like average property value, household income, renovation spend and the amount of single detached homes in the area. We take these variables into consideration when carving out our territories because our goal is to make sure that all of our partners have the same potential in their respective territory. Our territories contain between 80,000 to 100,000 single detached homes.

How can you be sure that my territory will be successful?

After painting thousands of homes, we know who our target consumer is. We also know what market penetration rates are realistic, so we’re able to determine the number of target consumers needed to carve out a successful Spray-Net territory that has the potential to yield a favorable return on investment. All of our territories are cut using the same parameters, and although some are geographically larger than others, they all conform to the variables we’ve identified as necessary to run a financially viable and successful business. Ultimately though the territory is like the vehicle, and, with any well-performing vehicle, the driver is as important.

What’s the potential for an exclusive territory?

The truth is, we don’t know. We’ve barely scratched the surface as a brand, we constantly optimize our marketing efforts to yield better results and we’ve added services throughout the years and continue to launch new ones. We also make sure that each territory has the potential to run a viable business and we’ve proved that over 40 times already with our existing franchisees. What we can say with certainty is that our goal is to have a franchise system filled with $1 million+ franchisees!

How can I grow my business if I have an exclusive territory that is predetermined? Do I have some sort of right over neighbouring territories?

Good question! When available, we grant our partners the first right of refusal (aka, first dibs) on the neighboring territory. This allows you to grow and scale your business across a larger geographic area. Minimum performance standards need to be met in order to expand into a second territory.


Fun fact: 60% of our franchisees are multi-unit franchisees.

The investment

At what point will I make my money back? When will I become profitable?

While the low investment and fixed costs of our service-based business give you the opportunity to turn a profit pretty relatively quickly, this is a tough one for any franchisor to answer. The truth is that it depends on a lot of factors, like how you structure your business and your individual performance.


During the discovery call process, these are the type of personalized questions that we can explore as the answer is multi-faceted. Our franchise development team will help guide you in order to create a relevant forecast and answer this question. To give you an idea, however, this is how it usually works:


YEAR 1: this is your learning year. You’ll climb the initial learning curve, create meaningful connections with other local contractors, build a team, create a bank of happy homeowners who will refer you and start ranking organically online. At the end of year 1, you’ll have started to establish yourself in your territory and learned the basics.


YEAR 2: this is the year you and your team put your newfound knowledge and experience into full gear! You’ll get referrals from your first-year customers and you’ll have a bunch of beautiful revamps from the year before to show your potential customers. Both of these things will help increase your sales ratio and grow your business.


YEAR 3: by now, you’ll have built a solid team and you’ll be ready for local Spray-Net domination!


During all the stages of your business, our support team is there every step of the way to help you finetune your business structure as well as sales, production and leadership skills. 

I already have a painting/renovation company. Why should I pay royalties to a franchisor?

Joining our team as a franchise partner gives you the opportunity to become part of a growing and expanding brand that’s set to change the way people think about exterior painting and renovation in general. Homeowners think about exterior residential painting as a band-aid solution… and we’re going to change that. Royalties allow us to find a full-time call center and continuous R&D to schedule your quotes and allow us to continuously improve our coatings for optimized application and durability.


You also benefit from our proven systems, continuous training, and support from our team, internal information network, preferential purchasing power, co-op marketing plan, PR campaigns, optimized online presence, and continuously updated website. The value created by all of this and the full-time access to our support team easily outweighs the cost you’ll pay.

What is your royalty fee?

Our fixed royalty fee is 7% of gross sales. This royalty fee allows us to fund our continuous research and development into new products and techniques in the coatings industry, as well as our entire team of business coaches, sales mentors, production experts, and our corporate and call center staff.

What is the initial investment and what does it include?

The investment for our painting franchise ranges between $123,000 and $143,000 for one territory and your first team. This includes your franchise fee, accounting, and legal fees, initial training and travel, equipment, locally-tailored marketing campaign, marketing materials, and uniforms and initial cash flow required to start up your business. The range in initial investment accounts for variations in travel expenses for training depending on the distance from our facility, initial opening marketing depending on your specific region and local business plan as well as purchasing vs. leasing your first trailer and equipment. The investment amount includes all expenses to start-up your business but about 25% are first-year operational costs. Your actual true investment is therefore less.

Why is there a range in the investment?

The main pieces that account for the range are the difference in initial down payment required for the equipment (based on your credit history), vehicle signage costs in your territory (depending on your first vehicle type), territory specific permits and initial cashflow required depending on how long it takes you to ramp up your business.

How much can I expect to earn from a partnership with Spray-Net?

All of our territories are based on the same variables to ensure the success and profitability of all of our partners. We also commit to giving you, our future franchise partner, credible financial forecasts in order to help you make an informed decision. These forecasts are based on the concrete data of our operating history.


Equally important is the fact that our business plan and financial structure are pre-approved by reputable financial institutions, which is a substantial reassurance for both our existing and future partners. It’s important for you to be aware that despite all the resources and support we give to each and every one of our partners, your own individual commitment, motivation, professionalism, skills, and drive are what determine your success. This is why we specifically look for partners who are passionate about our service, willing to get their hands dirty and aligned with our values. Our franchise partners will attest to the profitability of their individual Spray-Net franchise. Before joining our team, we even suggest that you speak to them to hear about their experience with us.


Our item 19 discloses the average gross margin of our partners which is 59% after our two largest costs, product and labor. Of course, some franchisees do better, and some do worst. We’re constantly working with our partners to bring that already good number up!

How come a truck isn’t included in my initial investment?

Our business model doesn’t suggest that you purchase a truck. A truck lease is included as an operational cost and is one of your very few fixed, overhead costs.

Is it possible to get financing?

Our proven business model is approved by reputable financial institutions, which indicates the strength and profitability of our franchise. If you have good credit, you should have no problem getting financed for a significant portion of your investment.

The Spray-Net partner

How many people will I have to manage?

In your first year, you’ll be managing anywhere between 3 and 5 people. In years 2 and 3, as your business matures and brand awareness grows in your territory, you can potentially build another team and have a staff as large as you and the business can support.

What is the role of a franchise partner? How am I involved in day-to-day operations?

Our typical successful franchise partner is a hands-on, owner-operator. This entails being on the road doing at-home quotes, managing your painting team, taking care of on-site and after-sales customer support and handling general business administration. As your business grows, that role can shift from working in the business to on the business but we are strong believers that you can’t teach if you haven’t done.

How can I be my own boss in a franchise system?

The advantage of a franchise system is that you are working for yourself but not by yourself. Our corporate culture is based on collaboration because how else can we take over an industry and create something that’s bigger than ourselves?


We prefer this approach because it lets us accomplish so much more, making Spray-Net a real opportunity for anyone wanting to own their very own business. As our partner, you have full control over managing your business. The only difference between you and an independent business owner is that you have the support of a team devoted to your success. We all follow the same plan so that we can expand our brand…together.

What is the level of difficulty and the amount of time that I have to invest in managing my franchise?

Our turn-key painting franchise–with its proven business model, proprietary products and technologies and ongoing training and support–provides our partners with a level of security. Like any other business, however, it takes hard work and dedication to be successful. The number of hours required to manage your franchise is definitely higher initially as you climb the learning curve and will vary according to the level of efficiency and productivity of each individual franchise partner.


We’re not going to lie: it’s hard work in the beginning…but it can definitely pay off!

Is it difficult to get jobs?

A Spray-Net renewal immediately boosts curb appeal, increases property value and therefore yields a quick return on investment. Homeowners realize that our unique service, costing a fraction of the cost of replacing their perfectly good siding, doors, and windows, is a cost-effective solution that just makes sense!


We provide all of our partners with the tools and technology to easily convey the benefits of our unique service to their customers but it’s our partners’ genuine passion for our service is what really resonates with customers. This is what truly makes the difference in the quantity and quality of your sales. No gimmicks. Your sales are highly dependent on how much you believe in our service, which is exactly why we take this into consideration when choosing our franchise partners.

How many existing franchise partners do you have?

We currently operate in 40 territories.

Can I speak to existing franchise partners?

Absolutely, and we actually encourage you to do so! This allows you to address your questions and concerns to someone who successfully runs a Spray-Net franchise and who has ultimately been in your shoes as an aspiring entrepreneur.

Training & support

Where are customer calls answered?

All our customer calls, including your local ones, are answered in-house at our centrally-operated call center. So, you definitely don’t have to worry about working the phone lines! When customers call, they immediately get to speak to a member of our team. Our call center team is specifically trained to pre-qualify your customers in order to maximize the quality of your at-home consultations and in turn, your overall sales. When an estimate is booked by our team, it’s automatically uploaded to your smartphone agenda, so a lot of the work is already done for you! The immediate care of each Spray-Net customer is a huge asset for all of our franchise partners, since it allows them to retain high customer satisfaction while giving them the time to focus on managing their team and making their customers happy.

What is your involvement in local marketing campaigns?

Since no one knows the local dynamics of your territory like you do, we will brainstorm together exactly how we can customize your campaign to your local market. Specifically, we’ll go over which publications and which methods best suit your type of territory. After we customize your local campaign, our in-house marketing and communications team officially puts it into action! Our team takes care of executing and optimizing your campaign so that you can maximize your spend and fully maximize brand awareness and credibility in your territory.

How are franchise partners supported and trained?

Our team is made up of painting experts—who possess advanced theoretical and practical knowledge related to all aspects of our field—and experienced professionals in business and franchising. These are the people who will teach you everything that there is to know about our unique service. They aren’t outside, unreachable consultants—they’re individuals who play an active role in our company and individuals you can actually reach by just picking up the phone!


You’ll be assigned a business coach to optimize the relationship between you, your team and your customers. We provide a turn-key business with a fully-equipped trailer that allows you to be up and running from day one. All our partners go through a full week of both theoretical and hands-on training. This is followed up by both a sales and production training in your territory to start up your business. After this initial training, we’re right behind you to make sure you become comfortable and confident delivering the Spray-Net service. We almost forgot! Our internal information network also gives you full-time access to all of our in-depth training videos.

Do franchise partners benefit from a national marketing campaign and at what cost?

Yes, and this is undeniably one of the most important advantages of starting a business as part of a franchise system. All of our partners benefit from our purchasing power and obtain all of the following marketing initiatives at a fraction of the cost: public relations, print media, social media management, online web presence and graphic design of visual materials. As our partner, you benefit from services that would otherwise be quite expensive and out of reach to an independent small business owner.

I have a lot to learn. How exactly will your training program prepare me?

Our training program consists of several stages. The first is an intensive seminar that covers a wide array of subjects like paint formulation and application, key business performance indicators, marketing strategies, corporate mission and values and much more. The second stage consists of shadowing our consultants so you can see exactly how they interact with customers and how our customers interact with us. This stage lasts until you feel comfortable with our consultation process. The third and final stage is your practical on-site training with our experienced Spray-Net team as they carry out a real exterior painting transformation. Like the previous stage, your practical training can last until you feel comfortable enough to do the work on your own. After your “training boot-camp,” we’ll be with you during your first jobs to ensure a successful business launch!

How do you hire staff and what is the turnover like?

In addition to your technical training, we’ll also help you recruit and retain employees. Based on our experience, we’ll show you exactly what type of individuals to look for when building your team—we’ll even coach you on the most effective ways to interview a potential candidate.


As compared to other home improvement services, what’s great about ours is that it’s relatively easier. Ripping off and replacing an existing roof 30+ feet high in the scorching sun and lifting boulders when landscaping is much more physically demanding. We’re the clear choice when it comes to a great outdoor remodeling job!


Ultimately though, creating a fun and engaging work environment is an absolute must as a franchise partner in order to maintain low employee turnover. A motivated and passionate team is the key to any company’s success.

What you’ll need

Do I need professional painting experience to open my own Spray-Net painting franchise?

Given the support, training, and expertise of our team, you don’t need any previous painting experience. We actually like when our partners don’t have previous experience since we do things completely differently! During your first year, we’ll give you all of the necessary technical and theoretical training so that you’ll be able to successfully deliver our unique service. During that time, we’re right there to support you to make sure you gain enough experience to confidently and independently revamp a home. While some of our partners have owned their own painting businesses in the past, our partners come from all different kinds of backgrounds—two of them are actually firefighters!


Most of our franchise partners are not doing the actual painting. The franchisees’ role is to develop business in the territory as well as hire, lead and manage their team.

Do I need a physical location for a Spray-Net franchise?

One of the main advantages of a service-based franchise like ours is that you don’t need a physical location to run your exterior painting business. This allows you to keep very low overhead costs, unlike most traditional brick and mortar type businesses.


As your business grows, we’ll consult you on when it makes sense to get a warehouse space.

Do I need a license to carry out this type of work?

You’ll need liability insurance and worker’s safety insurance and each territory will likely have different specific requirements.

How do I know that I'm the right fit?

Are you willing to get your hands dirty to start up your business? Do you understand that the first few years will be difficult? Are you comfortable in a “blue collar” environment? Do you like talking to people and sales? These are all important questions to ask yourself to make sure this is for you. Equally as important is liquidity be able to cover the initial investment. With good credit, Net Worth being $200,000 and Liquid Capital to $100,000 is normally enough to get the balance financed.