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More Homeowners Are Choosing to Renovate: Get in on the Exterior Painting Industry

Year after year, the home improvement industry has been experiencing growth as people choose to stay in their homes and renovate instead of move. As the industry continues along this growth trend, more and more opportunities are emerging in the industry centering around exterior painting and other renovation services. If you are looking for an opportunity involving home improvement, painting franchises are on the rise, and the exterior painting industry is bringing a new and refreshing look to homes and home improvement as a whole.

What the Home Improvement Industry Looks Like for Painting Franchises

The home improvement industry is worth over $340 billion, and it is only expected to grow even more. People are choosing to stay in their homes and enlist the services of painting franchises and other home services to keep their house maintained and achieve the look they want. In addition, the joint center for housing studies of Harvard University found that remodeling companies such as exterior painting franchises have been accelerating in terms of revenue over the past decade.

Millennials Are Investing More into Their Homes

Baby boomers are currently the largest generation in history; however, studies are showing that within the next year millennials will be taking over. In addition to just taking over as the largest generation, they are also taking over as the largest spenders as well. Millennials spend more on home improvement than any other generation – they want to repair instead of replace.

In order to appeal to this large market for home improvement, you need a business opportunity that incorporates what they need while also delivering it in a way that matches their generational influence. In an age of technology, millennials want their exterior painting services to incorporate technological elements that make it easier for them to visualize what they want and communicate with their provider, which is where Spray-Net comes in.

Why Exterior Painting Provides an Advantage

We are revitalizing the exterior painting industry to appeal to a younger generation, which has helped with the significant growth in home improvement. Millennials want to work with a company that understands their specific needs when it comes to their home, and with a younger franchise like Spray-Net, they get just that. We have been franchising since 2014, and since then, we have brought countless customers unique paint for their specific needs through patented processes that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

In addition to our patents, Spray-Net has also taken a technology approach that gives us a competitive advantage over any other opportunity in the home improvement or exterior painting industry. Our proprietary software, The Spray-Network, allows us to be proactive about communication, quote jobs, deliver proposals, and more with ease, and customers love us for it. We also serve as the supplier, manufacturer, and distributor of our products, following the “no middleman motto,” which means we know exactly what is in the products we provide to our customers and can closely monitor quality.

If you are looking into painting franchises for millennials, consider one that is changing the exterior painting industry. Contact Spray-Net today!

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