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4 Reasons Why a Painting Franchise Could Be the Right Opportunity

A painting franchise is different than other opportunities out there for many reasons. Many people associate franchises with sectors like fast food and retail, but what they don’t realize is just how profitable franchises can be in sectors like the painting industry. Currently sitting at $30 billion, the painting industry is actually part of the even larger home improvement sector, which is valued at $340 billion and is only expected to grow as more and more people decide to stay in their homes and renovate instead of move. This industry growth proves that a painting franchise may be the right opportunity for you, but here are four other reasons why you should invest.

You Work Outside the 9-5

When you own a painting franchise, you do not need to work in an office and can set your own schedule. As the owner, you have control over when you work and what jobs you select. At Spray-Net, we make sure that our franchise owners have that freedom with their business. We help them find the leads they’ll need to grow their business, and they get the job done on their own time.

With a painting franchise, you get to be a leader. Once your franchise is up and running, you begin to take a step back from the labor portion of the duties and manage things at a macro level. You get to hire people who you know will best incorporate your values and want to help you see your franchise succeed, so you will have a great internal support system to help you focus on the day-to-day operations of your franchise.

You Become an Investor in Something that Is Proven to Work

For veterans and other professions, business ownership and outdoor jobs are some of the best career opportunities as a new career. With a Spray-Net exterior painting franchise, you are putting money into a business that has a proven model, training for your franchise and in the industry, and ongoing support to help you see success.

In addition to just being an ideal profession, Spray-Net also offers discounts for veterans who may have a drive to work outdoors and own a business. The initial investment can be difficult in terms of finances, which is why we help qualified franchisees by connecting them with third-party lenders.

You Are Breaking into a Growing Industry with a Painting Franchise

In the past, the painting industry has not been recognized as an exciting one, but we are changing that. We mentioned before that both the painting and the home improvement industries are growing, which is why a painting franchise may be the perfect opportunity. Exterior painting is a specialized concept, and not only are we breaking into it but we are revitalizing the way people think about exterior painting franchises. From our tech-savvy approach to our patented processes, our methods are proving to work for customers and franchise owners alike. We’ve created a niche market with service by offering a solution that lies between conventional painting and the alternative of replacing all siding – a permanent approach to exterior painting.

With Spray-Net, You Know You Are in Good Hands

We follow the “no middleman” motto, which means we serve as the supplier, the distributor, and the manufacturer of our products. This means that franchise owners only have to work with one contact: us. This also means that we know exactly what is in our products, which, in turn, means that you do too. With a Spray-Net franchise, you use materials that you know will give exterior surfaces that like-new factory finish which cannot be replicated anywhere else. Our processes are patented, which means we can alter the products to specific surfaces and put in weather additives that ensure a beautiful and lasting paint job.

Overall, we are in the business of helping people, and our franchisees want to do the same. When you become a part of Spray-Net, you are joining a painting franchise that was founded on the idea of helping people with the exteriors of their homes, and we see the direct results of our hard work and processes.

If you are interested in investing in a painting franchise, find out how you can get started!

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