Why Spray-Net

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Why Spray-Net


A Spray-Net exterior painting franchise is all about delivering a unique and innovative service to homeowners. It’s about delivering a niche, professional service they can’t do themselves… because who wants to compete against homeowners, anyway?

We bring factory-quality results right to the homeowner’s doorstep.

When you purchase brand-new siding, doors and windows, they’ve actually been painted in a factory. The finish is permanent, won’t peel and looks flawless! So, we asked ourselves, “how can we bring a like-new, factory-quality paint finish on-site to homeowners?” We dug deep into the complex and controlled process of factory painting. After hundreds of hours of research and development, we optimized it for outdoor and on-site application. The result? Spray-Net’s innovative and permanent exterior paint solution! 

We deliver more than a paint job. Using our exclusive industrial-strength, weather-adjustable coatings and specialized spraying technique, we deliver a permanent, factory-quality finish that gives homeowners a real and cost-effective alternative to replacing their siding, doors and windows. In just one day, we revamp aluminum and vinyl siding, stucco, brick and even surfaces you wouldn’t think could be painted at all, like aluminum and vinyl doors and windows. With every project, the result is a permanent, factory finish that won’t peel and looks just like-new… not repainted.

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Quick, convenient & cost-effective curb-appeal.

Done in just a day, a Spray-Net revamp gives homeowners a quick, convenient and cost-effective way to beautify their homes and boost curb appeal. And a cost-effective service for homeowners means a profitable franchise opportunity for you! In the last year, the number of homeowners in the US undertaking home-improvement projects jumped 12%[1]. And these homeowners are investing more in remodelling and routine maintenance more than any other project. At a fraction of the cost of brand-new siding, doors and window, our permanent exterior paint solution just makes sense!

Whether you want to start a business or grow and scale your existing painting or home-improvement business, our unique exterior painting franchise will give you the niche expertise you need to run a thriving business and provide homeowners with the value they’re looking for.

[1] Home Advisor, 2016. http://www.homeadvisor.com/cost/report/


Watch our pitch at the International Franchise Association’s NextGen in Franchising Global Competition.
Make sure to catch the Franshark’s questions for Spray-Net founder & president, Carmelo Marsala, at 5:20!


We know what you’re thinking: “How can you make exterior house painting permanent?” It's all in our weather-adjustable formulations, specialized spraying equipment and proprietary software!

Weather-adjustable formulations 

This is the science behind our solution. We realized you can’t deliver a factory-quality finish on different exterior surfaces using a jack-of-all-trades product. So, each of one of our coatings is uniquely tailored to a specific exterior surface for maximum paint adhesion and optimal results. Since we don't formulate our products for cost-cutting like a big-box manufacturer, we use only the high-grade resins, inorganic pigments and a unique blend of additives in all of our paints.

Since weather has a huge impact on a paint job, we created weather-adjustable exterior paint formations. Yes, we said weather-adjustable. This means we can adjust our paint directly on-site to deal with the real-time heat, humidity and wind on the day of a project to guarantee a flawless, long-lasting finish.


Our specialized spraying equipment

Our spray guns deliver that like-new, streak-free finish that you just can’t get with a brush and roller. Take it from us… we’ve tried. When it comes to spray application, the coating and equipment have to be compatible with one another for best results. So, our coatings are specifically formulated for exterior spray application with our spray guns, resulting in ideal coverage at specific air pressures and flow rates.

Our proprietary software

Aka, The Spray-Network. The Spray-Network is our proprietary, custom-made software that's exclusively designed for delivering the Spray-Net service. Along with helping with all of your admin work, the Spray-Network is also your on-site paint expert. After your input the real-time weather parameters on your job site, it tells you exactly how to adjust paint formulation directly on-site to create the ideal chemistry that can withstand the heat, humidity and wind at the time of paint application. This allows our franchise partners to deliver consistent, long-lasting results across our entire franchise network.


Paint manufacturers make paint and painters apply it. We do both. And this unique formulation to application process is what makes us different! As consumers, we’re all looking for one thing and that’s value for money. As the owner of a Spray-Net franchise, you get to leverage our niche expertise to build a successful business that provides homeowners with the unmatched value they’re looking for.

Read our blog to learn more about our process and how we deliver our permanent exterior house painting solution!

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