Why Spray-Net

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Why Spray-Net

Why a Spray-Net exterior painting franchise?  

Because we deliver the next generation of exterior painting to homeowners.

Every homeowner wants to love the look of their home’s exterior, but the available options to boost curb appeal are either long, tedious and expensive, or require on-going maintenance. There’s really no solution that’s quick, affordable and long-lasting. Until now.

Spray-Net is the most cost-effective way to boost curb appeal

We offer homeowners a new kind of paint finish. A factory-quality finish that won’t peel, doesn’t require re-painting 2-5 years down the line and looks like-new… not repainted. In as little as a day, we can revamp aluminum and vinyl siding, hardie-board, stucco, brick and surfaces that aren’t traditionally painted, like front and garage doors and windows. Instead of a paint job, our franchise partners give homeowners a quick and cost-effective alternative to replacement. And we give our partners a business with a serious competitive edge.


The perfect fusion of functionality & aesthetics…
& the most customized paint job on the market. 

Customized to the surface we’re painting.
Customized to the day.
Customized to the homeowner’s style

How do we do it? 

chemistry + software + equipment = a like-new, factory finish.

Brush and rollers, professionals using the same off-the-shelf paints as their customers… nah, not for us. We developed the innovative chemistry and technology to reverse-engineer the controlled process of factory painting outside and on-site, so homeowners can enjoy like-new results for a fraction of the cost.

Conventional Latex paint? Gone.

Instead, we formulate a high-performance line of exterior paints and stains that are customized to an exterior surface for optimal results. And Remember that bit about reverse-engineering factory painting? Since we work outdoors and can’t control the environment we paint in to deliver a factory finish, we created a line of coatings that can be adjusted to real-time, on-site weather conditions.

Smart Technology? Yes, please.

Input the day’s weather parameters into the Spray-Network during your job and it’ll tell you exactly how to adjust the paint formulation to create the optimal paint chemistry for delivering a factory finish. Oh, it’s also the intelligence that streamlines your business’s operations.

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Brush and rollers? We ditched ‘em.

All of our coatings are formulated for exterior spray application with our specific line of equipment. The result isn’t just a flawless, streak-free finish, but optimal adhesion for long term durability and protection.Take a look at our factory finish up close, for yourself:

All of this is possible thanks to our No Middleman Model

We make paint and we apply it. We cut out the middleman, aka the paint manufacturer, and go from formulation to application™. This way, there’s no disconnect between product and procedure. Since our business isn’t selling paint, we can formulate our paint for performance, and not cost-cutting. By removing the middleman, we deliver a superior, specialized service while transferring the savings to our customers. Now that’s a win-win!





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