converting your painting business

6 Steps to Converting Your Painting Business

Converting your painting business may be the best career move for you as an owner. With a franchise, you’ll have support behind you to help you with your operations and marketing your business. Here are six steps to converting your painting business to the right franchise, so you can rest assured that you are making the best investment for your career.

converting your painting business

Find the Right Franchise to Convert to

It is important to find out what different franchises offer to help you with your business. This means looking into the training and support systems they have, what their business model looks like, the software they utilize, and any group discounts they offer for mass buying power. Looking into what franchise opportunities are out there and what they offer their conversion franchisees is a great first step to converting your painting business.

Determine the Best Investment

The best investment is not always the cheapest or the most expensive – it is the most valuable. The best investment for your business should be determined by what the investment comes with. For example, an investment in a Spray-Net franchise comes with a lot of useful benefits, including training and support. Our support goes above and beyond what many other franchises offer because we take care of all the marketing internally. This means you don’t have to worry about national, regional, and local marketing and only have to focus on your operations. We even have an in-house call center as a service from your ongoing royalties, so you can spend more time focusing on growing your business.

It is important to consider the different elements of an investment so that you get the most for your business for the right price. Our investment ensures that there are little-to-no surprises along the way as you start your Spray-Net franchise, which has proven to be an asset to franchisees in the past.

Talk to the Franchisor

Once you find some compatible franchises, you should talk to the franchisors to make sure they are a good fit and to get more information about the brand. We talk with all our prospective franchisees to make sure they are a good fit and share similar values and goals to ours. We follow the acronym SHAPE, which means Synergistic, Humble, Agile, Progressive, and Effective. These are the qualities that we look for in a good franchisee, so we have multiple conversations with prospects throughout the sales process to make sure they have ideals that make them more apt for success with a franchise.

A franchise is a business that comes with a business model, policies, and procedures that can help make it successful. When you decide its time to convert your painting business, you are deciding it’s time to take your business to the next level. The best way to see success with a Spray-Net franchise is to follow the model, policies, and procedures that we have put in place, and to have the SHAPE qualities that we desire.

Visit the Franchisor

Something that we incorporate into our sales process is to have prospects come to our headquarters and learn more about our franchise opportunity. You want to be sure you have a firm understanding of the opportunity that you might be converting your painting business to. We show our prospects the whole facility so they can meet the team and see the chemists who make our proprietary products. Like other franchises, we host something similar to a discovery day called Validation Day, which helps us make sure you are a good fit. This validation goes both ways – you need to be the right fit for us, and we need to be the right fit for you.

Request the FDD

After visiting us and completing the Validation Day, typically potential franchisees will request the franchise disclosure document (FDD). This is a legal document that explains everything you need to know about the franchise opportunity. It breaks down our investment and what it comes with, the policies and procedures we have, and it explains how much you could potentially make based on averages of established franchisees.

Make the Decision

Once you receive the FDD, you should read through it thoroughly. We want to make sure you have plenty of time to make an informed decision about converting your painting business to a Spray-Net franchise. Once we’ve determined that you’re a good fit, you will start our five-part training program that incorporates theory training and hands-on learning, so you have a greater understanding of the industry and your role as a franchisee. You will learn how to use our tools, software, and systems that make our opportunity unique.

Learn more about converting your painting business by visiting our website.

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