Converting Your Painting Business

If you already work in the house painting industry, converting your painting business into a franchise is a great way to expand. Independent business owners face many challenges. Without the support of a larger network, they are left to their own devices to solve everyday problems. Spray Net wants to help painting business owners by welcoming them to our brand and giving them the tools to more effectively grow their businesses. Learn more about how Spray Net can help with converting your painting business into a franchise below.

Cutting-Edge Technology


One of the reasons the Spray Net business model is so effective is because of our dedication to cutting-edge technology. We’ve totally eliminated clunky tools like brushes and rollers, and we instead focus on spray technology. This allows us to get the job done more efficiently, leaving customers and franchisees happy. Best of all, we’re famous for using our own custom-formulated paint. With Spray Net’s technology, we’re able to design just the right paint for the job, from color to weather-proofing. When you franchise with us, you don’t need to worry about making endless trips to supply stores or keeping a certain brand on-hand – you’ll custom order the paint you need for every job, and we’ll ship it straight to you! These are just a few ways that our emphasis on technology makes things easier for our franchisees.

Marketing Experts at Your Fingertips


One common concern shared by independent business owners is that they simply don’t have enough customers. With everything you have to deal with in your day-to-day operations, it can be hard to reach out to the potential new customers in your area. Spray Net alleviates this concern by helping you develop highly-effective targeted marketing campaigns. Our experts can help with everything from identifying the right channels for your area to analyzing new leads. With the help of our marketing experts, you can spend more time focusing on the operation of your business while we help with spreading the word about your business. Marketing assistance is just one more benefit of converting your painting business into a franchise.

Streamlining Operations

If you’re already running a painting business, chances are you’ve already developed your own set of policies and procedures. Spray Net wants our franchisees to feel free to make many business decisions on their own. However, we’ve developed a strong set of resources that we believe makes it easier than ever to operate one of our franchises. We’re confident that you’ll find that switching to our business model has the potential to save you valuable time and money.


For instance, our customer experience team manages all of your calls and emails for you. They’ll field questions about our products and how they work, and will refer clients to you when it comes to things like pricing and after-sales. We’ll even manage your scheduling for you, freeing you up to focus on things besides answering the phone.

One of the best resources we’ve developed for streamlining operations is The Spray-Network, a digital interface that allows you to manage purchasing, finances, distribution, and more, all in one place. When you learn how to use The Spray-Network effectively, you’ll find that it’s easier than ever to manage your day-to-day operations.


If you’re thinking of converting your painting business into a franchise, one of the strongest reasons to make the switch is the potential to save time and money by adopting a more efficient business model.

Converting your painting business into a franchise with Spray Net is a great way to enhance your products and services while improving your marketing and operations. Contact us today to learn more about the program we have in place to convert your business into a Spray Net!