Meet some of the entrepreneurs who make up #teamorangeandblue.

What being a Spray-Net partner means.


A Spray-Net partner is a certain type of individual. You not only believe in our service and the unmatched value we provide homeowners, you want in on our vision and mission so bad it kinda hurts.


The Qualities of a Spray-Net Partner


Adaptable: You’re versatile. You understand that when you own a business, you need to be willing to wear more than one hat at once (especially in the beginning). You do what you gotta do, which can mean being both your own Sales Consultant and Team Leader.


Resilient: You’ve got grit! You get your hands dirty and make things happen for yourself. You realize that every customer and every situation can be leveraged to create more #value. You don’t believe in chance. You believe in hard work and willpower.


Competitive: You want to be the best. Your competitive drive fuels every aspect of your business. You don’t want workers, you want a powerhouse. You want other franchise partners to be inspired by your performance. You don’t want to be just another partner, you want to be the best partner!


Empowering: You aren’t a boss, you’re a leader. You don’t tell your team what to do, you show them. As a coach, you understand the importance of accompanying each and every one of your employees on the road to success. You can transfer your skills in an effective manner and know how to extract individual potential.


Inquisitive: You are curious. You are open-minded. Knowledge is the foundation of success, and you know it. You strive to become an industry expert. You know that learning never ends.

What does the day-to-day of a Spray-Net partner look like?


You’re on the road and you’re on-site: You man sales and hop from one at-home consultation to another. When it comes time to execute the jobs you sell, you’re on-site with your crew making sure those jobs get done properly, on time and on budget. When your crew is well trained and headed by a confident team lead, they’ll be able to handle some of the small ones without you!


You’re training and optimizing your team: Fresh from your technical paint training, your job is to rally up your first crew of 3 to 5 people and transfer your new knowledge and skill to your team. You’re involved in the continuous training and support of your team and make sure they’re following the game plan for an effective job strategy.


You’re taking care of your customers: While our in-house marketing team takes care of your lead generation and our customer experience team books your at-home consultations, you step in to make sure those customers stay happy! Whether it’s a question after their consultation or their revamp, customer service is something that you do on the daily.


You’re monitoring the KPIs: You can’t hit a goal if you don’t measure it. Along with our ramp up team, you’ll be using the Spray-Network to analyze your sales and your business’s overall performance. The Spray-Network will also help you keep tabs on your team’s labour and product costs to make sure your business stays lean.


You’re making sure your people are happy: While most people are enjoying the sun, your crew is hard at work. Whether it’s through a dose of some fun competition, recognizing your team for their achievements or making sure your guys and girls stay cool with refreshments, your role is to keep your team happy and motivated.


You’re networking: This is the b2b side of your home-improvement franchise. During the season, you’re proactively connecting with other local contractors and industry professionals to scout out long-term lead generation sources for your business.

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Why our partners choose Spray-Net

Meet Don Hill, Spray-Net Saskatoon Franchise Owner

Given Don’s corporate background, he was all about support & proven processes when choosing a franchise.

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Spray-Net Southern Wisconsin

“The product & brand have a very strong value proposition & early feedback from consumers in my market is extremely positive. I believe in the product, technology, vision & leadership of the franchise. That’s what separated Spray-Net from other concepts.”

Spray-Net Dallas East

“I looked at dozen franchises. Spray-Net had a product that pops. When you see it, you just want it on your house! To find a franchise opportunity close to home & to operate within an exploding real estate market made it too good to pass up.”

Spray-Net South Jersey

“The main reason I chose Spray-Net was the strategic advantage of being equipped with proprietary products. The fact that we franchisees work with coatings that are exclusive to Spray-Net really allows us to deliver a product & service to homeowners that no one else can!”

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