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Finding a Post-Military Career: Choose a House Painting Franchise

There are thousands of jobs all across North America, but finding the right career after the military can be a grueling task. You probably want something other than a traditional 9-5 job that can put the skills you have obtained through the military to use. Working for your own house painting franchise enables you to work on your own and utilize the skills you have developed through your service. In addition, you can work for yourself with a brand behind you for support.

The Investment in House Painting Franchise

The right franchise opportunity is out there; it is just a matter of finding it. Finding the most valuable investment for a reasonable price may seem impossible, but a Spray-Net house painting franchise is just that.

In the ever-growing home improvement industry, Spray-Net and other companies are experiencing large growth and expansion through franchises. A franchise with Spray-Net comes with training, support, proprietary products and software, and more to help you get started with your own business. In addition, our house painting franchises do not require a storefront or rented space. This means that your franchise could be right in your own home.

How Much Can Be Made with a House Painting Franchise

Investing in a house painting may seem daunting. But we offer an opportunity that has a great potential return on investment. Our turnkey investment is broken down into several different parts. There is the franchise fee, supplies, support, training, and more that all add up to the grand total, which ranges from $123,000 to $143,000

We have taken data collected from current franchisees to determine how much money our franchisees can make, and we are proud to share that with candidates during the sales process in our Franchise Disclosure Document. In the first year, the mean sales of our franchisees were about double the total investment in their franchise. This means that the money you can make in the franchise over time could outshine the initial investment, and you can really scale your business to the set goals you have for yourself.

Putting Military Skills to Use in a Painting Franchise

Your career in the military taught you many skills that you might have thought were inapplicable anywhere else. With a house painting franchise, you can apply several skills that you have learned through your military training to your new business venture such as teamwork, structure, processes, and working for the people.

Owning a Spray-Net franchise and operating it successfully requires a team, and it is your job as the franchise owner to help guide your team and work with them to help the franchise grow. Much like the comradery in the military, your team will want to work together to complete jobs and help customers through exterior painting services.

This drive to complete jobs also stems from a military background. You want to complete jobs quickly, but with the right dedication to detail and quality to make sure they are done right. In addition, your work will bring satisfaction to customers and make them happy.

Working for Yourself

A franchise is still a business. You are still in charge of the day-to-day operations, hiring staff, and other little details that go into a house painting franchise, but you have a brand behind you that wants to see you succeed. Customers often choose a brand that offers durable results and services for exterior surface painting, and Spray-Net has been expanding all over North America fulfilling them.

In addition to customers trusting the brand, franchisees do as well. Spray-Net is a technologically savvy brand that has taken several processes digitally to help franchisees focus more on the business. The proprietary software, Spray-Network, has been developed by us for us to help with things such as presenting proposals, scheduling jobs, customer feedback, payroll, and more to help franchisees keep things organized and efficient.

We serve as the distributor, the manufacturer, and the supplier for our franchisees. Nothing is outsourced, which is something franchisees and customers alike find beneficial since they provide streamline results. Our methods have been proven to work, and it saves both time and money for the franchisee since they only have to communicate with one place to get everything they need to run their business.

Here at Spray-Net, we want our franchisees to be successful with their Spray-Net franchises. By creating a concept that enables veterans and others with similar skills to work for themselves, franchisees can feel more assured that they have a better chance for success.

Find out if you have the right qualities we are looking for in prospective franchisees and if you are an ideal candidate for a house painting franchise.

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