Spray-Net’s patents explained

By now you’ve read about our innovative exterior painting franchise. You’ve also heard us say that we offer a home-improvement service homeowners can’t get anywhere else. As a brand, it’s important for us to stand firm behind these claims, which is why we want to tell you a little more about our patents and how they provide us with a competitive advantage. Our patents are publicly available, and you can read them online, but they’re quite extensive. So, we’ll save you the technical read and summarize them for you here:

  1. Our first patent, and arguably our most vital, is on our process of adjusting coatings based on surrounding ambient air conditions. Most people know that prep is an important part of paint adhesion and that using the right products is vital, but most don’t consider how important the proper dry time is for a paint film to coalesce (form a continuous and uniform film). This is why there are so many warranty limitations associated to weather on conventional paint cans. We cover all 3 bases in this way:
    • We have a rigorous preparation process that consists of both a mechanical and chemical clean.
    • We custom tailor each coating to the surface that is being coated. This means that the surface tension of the liquid paint is lower than the surface tension of the substrate which allows for optimal wetting of the liquid coating. This is essential to get a uniform film to entirely coat the surface.
    • We make sure the film has the right amount of time to properly wet the surface and the optimal time to coalesce (come together). We do this by slowing down or speeding up the dry time based on ambient air conditions. This is our patented process.

More specifically, when on-site, our applicators input ambient air conditions into our proprietary software, the Spray-Network. In turn, our algorithm instructs the applicators on what amount of our proprietary chemical blends to mix into the coating at the time of application. This, to optimize dry time and, ultimately, deliver a factory durable finish that won’t peel. That’s how we check off all the boxes when it comes to paint adhesion fundamentals, allowing us to warranty our jobs for 15 years against peeling. And they will last even longer!

  1. Our second patent is on our ability to customize our coatings based on specific surface conditions. We have a coating for each surface because each requires different final film properties. For instance, sidings and doors require hardness and flexibility (to name a few), which is completely different than the final film properties for staining brick, such as breathability. More specifically, vinyl sidings are comprised of different plastic compositions that have varying heat distortion temperatures. To work around this, we measure the gage of the associated vinyl siding to estimate its potential heat distortion rate to know if we need to fortify the vinyl to paint it in a darker color or not. We then use our proprietary Vinyl Shield base coat to fortify as needed. This allows us to broaden the range of colors we can safely apply to vinyl siding to avoid warping.


Why don’t we have patents on any of our 14 proprietary formulations, you ask? Because we don’t want to divulge the formulas. They’re also always evolving based on new advances being made in the coatings industry. Our secret formula is to combine the right processes such as the ones we’ve just covered, coupled with our customized chemistry and applied with the proper specialized equipment. In its most simplified form, this is what allows us to do what we do: which is to deliver a painting and refinishing solution that homeowners really can’t get anywhere else!

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