Carmelo Marsala

As founder and CEO of Spray-Net, Carmelo leads R&D of new products, services and technology so we can consistently provide homeowners with smart, cost-effective and specialized home-improvement solutions that boost curb appeal. He’s kind of obsessed with exterior painting– right down to the chemistry of paint itself! Carmelo is certified in coatings technology and formulation by the Coatings Institute of Missouri and the Chicago Society for Coatings Technology. His in-depth technical knowledge is the foundation of our unique weather-adjustable coatings and most importantly, allows us to build a solid barrier to entry and deliver a competitive advantage to our franchise partners.

When he first founded Spray-Net, Carmelo was doing it all- from sales to paint application. Since building a team large enough to man operations, distribution, sales, marketing and customer service, Carmelo now focuses exclusively on steering the Spray-Net ship for sustainable and long-term growth. Thanks to his do-what-it-takes-to-get-the-job-done attitude, Carmelo was named the 2016 Top Young Franchisor by the International Franchise Association and is the winner of the 2015 Air Miles for Business Small Business Achievement Award. He is also 1 of 65 entrepreneurs from around the world who will be participating in the Entrepreneurial Master’s Program at MIT for developing the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

When Carmelo isn’t working, he’s dancing with his two-year old daughter (her activity of choice); spending time with his wife and new-born son; and playing soccer on the Spray-Net soccer team.

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