starting a painting business

Why Cash Flow Is Important When Starting a Business

With any new business venture, it is important to have enough cash to get started. There are a lot of twists and turns when it comes to starting a painting business from scratch, and it takes a very skilled and experienced entrepreneur to budget the first few months of expenses properly. Opening a franchise instead of starting a painting business from scratch gives you an investment that covers everything you need to get your business up and running. You don’t have to worry about leaving anything out of your plan because we’ve thought of it all for you! Our Spray-Net franchise investment is truly all-inclusive. It covers everything from your trailer, the equipment, tools, and even your grand-opening marketing. As a service-based franchise, you don’t have to invest in a brick and mortar location, which means the investment in our franchise is cost-effective compared to those that require a physical location. Here are a few additional economic details you should know before starting your franchise.

starting a painting business

Having Starting Capital Provides Peace of Mind

As you build your business, you are going to have ongoing expenses that need to be paid for. A small business owner may not know what those expenses will look like immediately, but a franchise owner, with the support of the franchisor, will. With a Spray-Net franchise, we project that you will need about three months of initial cash flow to get your business started, which is included in your initial investment. Your starting capital serves as a little emergency fund while you are garnering interest in and promoting your new business.

Cash Flow Is Good for an ROI

The goal of every entrepreneur is to see a return on their investment (ROI). When you invest in a franchise, you want to have an idea of how much money you can make and factor in how much it will cost to get started. We believe in transparency between a franchisor and a franchisee, so we put our potential franchise profitability right on our website. Investors should know everything they need to know about a Spray-Net franchise before the invest, so we made sure they have all the information they need to make a decision.

Why a Spray-Net Franchise for Starting a New Business?

You could invest a ton of money into getting a painting business started,  but without the brand recognition and reputation, proven business model, and the proprietary products or services, your new business could fall short.

With a Spray-Net franchise, everything is laid out for you up front. You know how much starting a painting business with us will cost, how much cash flow you need, and how much you could possibly make when you invest in our opportunity, which means you can be better prepared. In addition to just cash flow, we also break down other important costs associated with a painting business like equipment, products, and marketing investment. Our business model is also based on our “no middleman” motto, which means we brought most processes in-house. We formulate our paints, and we distribute them. Having no middleman means more savings for our franchisees.

Learn more about our investment opportunities in the United States by visiting our Spray-Net franchise website.

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